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Museum Ecological Education Center

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Type: Ecological Location: Lepel, Minsk region

The House of Environmental Education was built in 1983. The House of Environmental Education was at that time intended to hold meetings of sections of the congress, which was held in Minsk. Later, the library and the depository of scientific collection funds were placed in the house.
In 1998, as a result of the fire, the funds, the library, and the unique diorama were virtually destroyed. The reconstruction of the house of environmental education required investments of 1.7 billion rubles. After reconstruction, the conference hall for 200 seats, a press center, a computer room, a restored diorama of the nature reserve area of ​​the reserve, and much more were placed in the renovated building.

Today, the goal of the House of Environmental Education in the Berezinsky Reserve is the development of measures to protect the natural heritage of the region. Here, visitors are regularly told about the important role of protecting the flora and fauna in preserving the natural heritage of the Republic of Belarus.

The assembly hall of the House of Environmental Education of the Berezinsky Reserve organizes meetings of scientific workers from all regions of the country, experts and visitors who want to make contribution into the organization of effective measures to protect the environment. There is also a small assembly hall where conferences, international symposiums are held.

Collections of herbariums, skulls of mammals and insects, which the House of Education is famous for is the point of attraction of tourists during the excursion. Here you can book an excursion of interest to you or visit thematic photo exhibitions.

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    Address Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve, Lepel district, Domzheritsy GPS Google: 54.747679′ N, 54.747679′ E