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Baranovichi ethnographic museum

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Type: Local History The exhibition: 7 Location: Baranovichi, Brest region

Baranovichi ethnographic museum has been created on the basis of various museums. In 1929, on the initiative of Professor one of the city schools Turski. Tours Baranavichi opened povet muzeum.In 1940 on his based on established Baranovichskij Museum of Fine Arts. During the fascist German occupation (1941-1944 ) funds museum were looted. In 1946, revived as a regional Baranovichi History Museum at the museum in the town of Slonim. In 1953, the museum was moved from Slonim in regional center. In 1954, in connection with the liquidation of the museum was renamed the Baranovichi Baranovichskij in local history.

Museum Awards: in 2000, the decision of the National Organizing Committee the preparation of the meeting the third millennium and the celebration of the 2000th anniversary of Christianity in Belarus Baranovichski Museum was awarded a commemorative badge "2000 years of Christianity." In 2004, when the museum celebrated its 75th anniversary, it was recognized as the best museum in the Brest region.

The total number of museum objects: 59,871, of which the main fund - 41340, auxiliary science-18531. Display area halls of the museum is 256.1 sq.meters (museum), 142.6 sq.m. (leased showroom). The main exhibition of the museum, which is housed in seven rooms and employs about 2000 exhibits. Funds department museum collection includes: «Painting", "Graphics", "Sculpture", "Numismatics", "Faleristika" "Documentary photographs", "Philately", "Household items and Ethnography", "Publications", "Clothes". Among the 35 museum collections are the most interesting: collection of postcards with views Baranovichy (beginning of XX century and 1920 - 1930), rushniks (late XIX - early XX century. Baranovichsky and Lyakhovichi districts), numismatics (coins XVI - XX centuries., in that h . 4 treasure), clandestine editions of the period of Nazi occupation.

For applications in the museum hosts cultural events (lectures, museum studies, museum holidays, etc.). Lecture: "The city of Baranovichi. Pages of history. 1871-2004 years.", " It was the last year of the war "," The Edge during the Nazi occupation. 1941-1944 "," Chernobyl ... through the year, "" Pride Lands Baranovichi (Bachelors, Gritsevets Karvat ...), "Baranavičy in sister city movement", "sculpture as an art form. Contemporary sculpture Baranovichi "," romantic landscape. About the artist Maksimtsova KI "," Forms and genres of art. "Museum and educational activities, "Annual Circle Orthodox holidays", "Silent Witnesses gentry times»

The first Sunday of every month - free entry to the museum.

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    Exposure - Baranovichi ethnographic museum

    1. Nature of the region 7 permanent exhibition halls
    2. History of the region 3-6 permanent exhibition halls
    3. Baranavičy today 1-2 permanent exhibition halls
    4. ”Our Cities Sister” Mobile exhibition
    5. ”It was the last year of the war” Mobile exhibition
    6. ”Those days of glory will not cease.” Mobile exhibition
    7. ”Baranovichi. Pages of History ” Mobile exhibition

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    Address 225409, Republic of Belarus, Brest region, Baranovichi, st. Sovetskaya 72 GPS Google: 53.134349′ N, 53.134349′ E