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Drogichin Military-Historical Museum of Dmitry Karpovich Udovikov

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Type: Military and Historical The exhibition: 5 Location: Drogichin, Brest region

Military-Historical Museum of D.K. Udovikov was founded in Drogichin in November 14, 1990 decision by the District Executive Committee Drogichin initiative Pinsky society Comments guerrilla veterans. The first visitors to the museum received August 25, 1994. In December 1995 the museum was awarded the honorary title "People's". 12 December 2000 he was given the name of Dmitry Karpovich Udovikov, former Chief of Staff of the Molotov partisan brigade. Pinsk society guerrilla veterans appeared in 1988 and had a goal to unite all the former guerrillas who fought the Nazi occupiers of the Pinsk partisan unit commanded by Vasily Korzh. The first was the head of a society Comments D.K. Udovikov. Council Comments society was in Drogichin. In 1990 the executive committee gave Society building which houses the Museum of Partisan Glory (this is the first name of the museum) and the Council of the company comments. After the opening of the exhibition the museum has become a base for carrying out activities heroic and patriotic education of youth. Its first director was Elena Bryuhanov former 2nd District Secretary Drogichin CPB, which during the war was a partisan detachment named N. Shisha. July 17, 1998 before the building of the museum was opened a memorial "Partisan Glory" on his granite slabs caused the name guerrilla groups operating in the years of the Great Patriotic War on the territory Drogichin and Ivanovo regions, and the names of their team composition. April 21, 2004 Museum transferred to the department of culture Drogichin executive committee and December 30, 2005 on its base creates a branch of the city House of Culture "Center of the heroic and patriotic education of youth to them Udovikov D.K.". In November 2006 the center is closed for repairs and the creation of a new exhibition. The repair was completed May 1, 2009. On this day visitors could see a new exhibit. It was made hard Brest artist-designer Arkady Denisevich. In September 2009 the RIC Centre Solutions Drogichin renamed the Military History Museum D.K. Udovikov. The total number of museum objects on 01.01.2013 was 2034, of which 602 general fund, auxiliary science - 1432, arranged in five halls. This is mainly photographs, documents, memoirs and letters guerrilla veterans. The museum belongings leaders of the guerrilla movement samples of weapons during the Great Patriotic War. The museum has one permanent exhibition, temporary and traveling exhibition available.

The museum is a teen club "Azimuth" dealing with the establishment of the fallen defenders of the Motherland and the victims of war, which the number of unknowns. Club members found 3 of the mass graves from World War II it was found 92 names of guerrillas and soldiers of the Red Army. The work on the search and discovery of burial period of the 1st World War. On identified unrecorded burials a memorable character. In 2010 the museum established club historians "local historian" and published District Local History newspaper "Nash Krai - Countryside." Since 2003 the museum runs last reserve Sergey Granik. The research work carried out by the museum conducts search operation in the archives of the Republic of Belarus, Russia and CIS countries. Awards of the museum: the title of "People's Museum" (1995).

Of cultural events the museum holds one every month tour, lectures on "Life and work of D.K. Udovikov "which tells of D.K. Udovikov, showing his personal belongings and documents. In the first half of July a lecture "We remember their names ..." Warriors of the participating Liberation Drogichin area with a display of museum objects and documents. 2 times a year is a lecture "The Jews in the history of Drogichinschiny" with a story about the life of Jews in the town Drogichin, Antopil, Chomsky as well as the genocide of the Jews during the Second World War in the territory of Drogichin district. From May to September runs a museum-pedagogical activity "School of the Future commander" and an interactive game "Memory" - educational games for children of primary-school and school age.

Photo - Drogichin Military-Historical Museum of Dmitry Karpovich Udovikov

    Exposure - Drogichin Military-Historical Museum of Dmitry Karpovich Udovikov

    1. ”The Soviet period - 1939-1941” be reunited with the Byelorussian SSR, the beginning of the Second World War, the occupation of territories Drogichin area genocide of the Jewish people.
    2. ”Guerrilla Movement” on the activities of guerrilla groups and Brest, Pinsk connection to the territory of Drogichinschiny, about the life of the guerrillas; Vasily Z. Korzh - the first guerrilla commander.
    3. ”1944: Liberation Drogichin District” of the guerrilla zone defense Dnieper-Bug Canal in spring 1944, the liberation of the area in July 1944, about the release party Drogichinschiny.
    4. ”Heroes of War” about the life and activities of DK Udovikov about guerrilla war veteran and the Great Patriotic War, the soldiers-internationalists.
    5. ”From the first settlements to 1939» the occurrence of the first settlements in the territory of Drogichin district of stories Drogichin and education Drogichin area of natives Drogichinschiny - participants wars first half The twentieth century. (before the Great Patriotic War).

    Schedule Drogichin Military-Historical Museum of Dmitry Karpovich Udovikov

    Location map - Drogichin Military-Historical Museum of Dmitry Karpovich Udovikov

    Address 225612, Republic of Belarus, Brest region, Drogichin, st. Lenina, 163 GPS Google: 52.185576′ N, 52.185576′ E