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Vitebsk regional ethnographic museum

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Type: Historical The exhibition: 4 Location: Vitebsk, Vitebsk region

Vitebsk regional ethnographic museum is based on founded in 1868, the first museum in the provincial statistical Committee. In 1918 created Vitebsk provincial museum on the basis of private Collection A.R. Brodovskiy. In 1924 opened Vitebsk branch Belarusian state museum, basis of which amounted to a collection of pre-existing museums: Church of the archaeological, scientific Vitebsk Archives Commission, Museum of Antiquities in Vitebsk Regional Committee, private collections V. Fedorovich and A. Brodovskiy. Since this time museum is located in the Town Hall - a monument of architecture of XVIII century. The museum has 14 exhibition halls. Display area halls of the museum is 6964 m2. There are 6 permanent exhibitions in museum. The total number of museum exhibits more than 250,000 units, of which the main fund 200,000 units, research and support more than 50,000 units. Among the exhibits - archaeological finds, collections of coins, knives Europe and the East country, the Masonic paraphernalia, tapestries, glassware, porcelain, birch bark, natural science collections. The museum organizes changing exhibitions from its own funds and the museums of Republic of Belarus, foreign countries, meetings with cultural and art, lectures, museum and educational activities, theme nights and other events on topics of local history.

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    Exposure - Vitebsk regional ethnographic museum

    1. ”Nature of the Vitebsk region” exhibition devoted to the nature of his native land. Presents a collection of mollusks, insects, butterflies, paleontological materials, diorama with the diverse wildlife of Vitebsk (fish, birds, animals). Animals are in their natural habitat at different times of the year.
    2. ”Ancient Vitebsk IX-XIV centuries” exhibition includes coins, tools, arms, chess pieces, fragments of ancient treasures, Vitebsk crafts products, ancient ritual objects.
    3. ”Vitebsk region in the years of the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945” self-exposure, located in the basement of the Vitebsk religious school.
    4. ”In memory of patriots of Vitebschina 1941-1944” exhibits on activities of Vitebsk subterraneous regional committee of Communist Party of Byelorussia, Vitebsk, Orsha, Lepel subterraneous, Obol, Proshkavskay, Osintorfskay subterraneous organizations, the liberation district from the Nazi invaders in 1944, about the partisan movement in the Vitebsk region - partisan leaflets, newspapers, weapons, awards and personal belongings Minay Shmyrev, Vladimir Lobanok, Daniil Raytsev, Alexei Danukalov.

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    Address 210026, Republic of Belarus, Vitebsk, Lenin str., 36 GPS Google: 55.195647′ N, 55.195647′ E