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Braslavsky local history museum

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Type: Local History The exhibition: 8 Location: Braslav, Vitebsk region

Braslavskie Local History Museum was founded in 1984 and the first visitors passed April 23, 1988. The basis of the first exposure amounted to more than 700 most interesting exhibits which will allow to reflect the most important pages in the history of the city and region. Funds on the eve of the opening was more than 4 million units. Now this figure exceeds 24,000. Collection began with the transmission of the small but meaningful museum school Braslava established under the guidance of teachers, local historian A. Gorelik. Great help in recruiting participants had a stock of historic events in the Braslav region, archaeologists, researchers who have studied the history of this wonderful corner of Belarus as well as local history enthusiasts. The museum has six permanent exhibitions. The total number of museum objects is 27964, of which the main fund - 23535, auxiliary science - 4429. In 2003 the Nice team "Brom" awarded the special prize of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus. Of cultural events are held on the request of the museum and educational sessions on topics 5 units: please, ethnographic, historical, folk festivals on the block, achievements ancestors lectures on the main historical events in Braslav, famous figures. The research work carried out by the museum is to collect study and treatment of museum objects the preparation of information brochures and catalogs of museum objects. Published Lovers' Edition "County." Develop new excursion programs and lectures.

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    Exposure - Braslavsky local history museum

    1. room № 1 a rich and diverse archaeological department. A number of exhibits are rare or unique: a set of women's jewelry XI - XII centuries, Scandinavian ornaments, bones with drawings and runic inscriptions XI - XII centuries. The late medieval period presented materials on the castle ramparts.
    2. room № 1 a separate piece of the exhibition is devoted talented Braslav doctor Stanislav Narbut (1853 - 1926) which for more than 40 years working on Braslav, was not only a professional healer, but also a prominent public figure. S. Narbut buried in the Castle Mountain, on his tomb erected a majestic monument.
    3. room № 2 exhibit contains materials about Braslav late XIX - early XX centuries events of World War II in the province about the period when Braslaw and surroundings were a part of the Polish state. Private showcase dedicated to the development of education in the 1920s - 30s., who was represented by different kinds of schools and gymnasiums.
    4. room № 3 dedicated to the events of the Great Patriotic War. Materials show the tragic side Braslavskogo Jewish ghetto, the destruction of civilians during counter-insurgency operations, talks about the activities of the underground organizations and guerrilla forces, liberation battles in 1944.
    5. room № 4 tells the story of the first decades of the Braslav region: the restoration of the economy, the development of education and culture. Private showcase devoted to Stalin's repressions. Part of the exhibition is presented materials on the famous compatriots: E. Fedorov writer, ethnographer M. Petyukeviche, scientist V.Hleboviche etc.
    6. room № 5 а separate exhibition devoted to the native Braslau Sergievich Peter (1900 - 1984). The artist known as the author of a number of portraits of Belarusian culture, a famous historical paintings. On the stands are things the artist, paintings and graphics.
    7. room № 6 are exhibits that show kovalstva tradition, weaving, weaving, wood carving, Braslav musical culture and also one of the most interesting exhibits - the ritual statue of ancient Egypt - ushebti. Exhibited as a hoard of silver objects of the late XIX century.
    8. ethnographic department shows the interior of the peasant corner of the late XIX - early XX centuries, items peasant items.

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    Address 211969, Republic of Belarus, Vitebsk region, Braslaw, Engels st., 39 GPS Google: 55.643208′ N, 55.643208′ E