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Liosno military-historical museum

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Type: Military and Historical The exhibition: 8 Location: Liozno, Vitebsk region

Liosno military-historical museum was opened in 19th may 1992 by the decision of Liozno District Executive Committee and District Council of People's Deputies. Display area halls of the museum is 215 m2. The total number of museum objects is 14,840, of whch the main fund 8,317 items, scientific auxiliary 6,523 items.

Exposure - Liosno military-historical museum

  1. documentary fund displays periods of development of the district in all sectors of the economy and culture. Represented mainly archival material.
  2. аrchaeological collection consists of 30 units: flint tools, stone axes, etc.
  3. collection of weapons presented findings weapon parts of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.
  4. ethnographic collection samples of material culture the old-timers Liozno district.
  5. collection of arts and crafts collection of toys, whistles local potter Troyanovskii M.N., as well as the work of ceramic artist Ludmila and Valery Kovalchuk.
  6. faleristics collection includes award of the Great Patriotic War and the badges of the Soviet period.
  7. photodocuments collection of photographs of the Great Patriotic War, prominent residents Liozno region, as well as the types of urban settlement at different times.
  8. art collection works of local artists and members of the Union of Artists.

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Address 211208, Republic of Belarus, Vitebsk region, Liozno Lenin st., 100a GPS Google: 55.02323′ N, 55.02323′ E