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Miory historical ethnographic museum

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Type: Ethnographic The exhibition: 12 Location: Miory, Vitebsk region

Miory historical ethnographic museum was open to the public 4th july 1994. The building that houses the museum, was originally built as an apartment building, but then by the decision of the district executive committee has been transferred to the museum. Exhibits for the exhibition have been collected as a result of an expedition to the area and excavation mounds and mounds under the guidance of an archaeologist V. Shadyro. The opening of the museum was dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the liberation of Belarus from Nazi invaders. The opening was attended veterans of the 9th Guards Rifle Division, participated in the liberation of Miori from Nazi invaders. Display area halls of the museum is 134 m2. In the museum there are 5 permanent exhibitions. The total number of museum objects is 5 619, of which the main fund 4 680, 939 scientific and auxiliary items. The museum organizes exchange exhibitions, meetings with artists and poets. Developed interesting and informative sessions on museum education and educational lectures.

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    Exposure - Miory historical ethnographic museum

    1. ”Archaeology” collection includes 531 exhibit. The collection includes archaeological materials: whorl, stone axes, flint tools, metal XI-XII centuries, fragments of pottery, etc.
    2. ”History” exhibition is devoted to the history and ethnic features of the region.
    3. ”Armament” collection includes 32 exhibits. The collection includes objects of the Great Patriotic War, the War of 1812: bayonets of the rifles, machine gun hand-German, the core of the gun in 1812, the gun barrel in 1812, cartridges, etc.
    4. ”Printed publications” presented 375 exhibits. The collection includes books, brochures, leaflets, magazines, newspapers, calendars, atlases.
    5. Numismatics most of the collection consists of coins Arab dirhams IX-X centuries., coin "boratynka" 1664, Russian coins of different denominations period of XIX-XX centuries., coins of Poland, Germany, Canada, France, Bulgaria, the Republic of Cuba. In total, the collection is 665 exhibits.
    6. ”Fоleristika” in the collection includes medals do not contain precious metals, breastplates badges, tokens. Сollection includes 85 exhibits.
    7. ”Graphics” The collection includes posters, envelopes, stamps, postcards. The collection contains 663 exhibits.
    8. Photodocuments includes photographs, photo albums, negatives. Collection includes 496 museum exhibits.
    9. ”Documents” the collection includes 461 exhibit. The collection includes acts, the report documents, personal documents.
    10. ”Art” сollection includes 65 museum exhibits: paintings, paintings, embroidery, engraving.
    11. ”Fonocinemadoсuments” collection consists of 68 pieces. The collection includes records, video tape.
    12. ”Textile” The collection includes 409 exhibits, embroidery, lace, clothing, handbrake, floor mats, napkins, etc.

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    Address 211930, Republic of Belarus, Vitebsk region, Miory district, School st., 16a GPS Google: 55.62006′ N, 55.62006′ E