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Children”s museum of mythology and wood

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Type: Local History Location: Zaslavl, Minsk region
The Children's Museum of Mythology and Forest is located on the territory of the forestry in Zaslavl. The primary purpose of creating the museum was to create a view, as our ancestors saw the surrounding world. The museum is divided into two zones: the real forest zone and the mythological zone. Since ancient times the forest has been the main defender and helper, helped them survive in the then severe conditions of existence, but often the forest was the cause of the troubles of ancient people. During storms or thunderstorms, the forest is often devastated by hurricanes or fires threatening to destroy all life in its path. That is why our ancestors tried to live in harmony with nature. Hence the mythology of the ancient Belarusians appeared, the main characters of which are also associated with the forest. Brownie, Water-sprite, Wood-goblin, Ghoul are the main representatives of Belarusian folklore, which appear before us in the twilight of the exposition hall. Sounds produced by animals and other forest dwellers will plunge you into a fabulous atmosphere. In the zone of a real forest you will meet the most common and rather rare species of animals and birds. But from the darkness appears the landlady of this forest - Rogan's lead, which can tell guests about the habits of animals and birds, and also teach you how to appease forest spirits. The Museum of Mythology in Zaslavl is the only one in Belarus. The exposition presented in the museum, as well as the excursion itself, is ideal for children of school and preschool age, in order to convey to them the importance of a thrifty attitude towards nature.

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    Address Zaslavl town, Rynochnaya Street, 4 GPS Google: 53.996953′ N, 53.996953′ E