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Chashniki historical museum

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Type: Historical The exhibition: 5 Location: Chashniki, Vitebsk region

Chashniki Historical Museum created by the decision of the Central Committee Bureau of the PBC and open to the public March 29, 1991. The museum is housed in a building area of 210 m2 which in the XIX century lived and had his shop merchant Gurevich. Today museum's collection includes 10961 storage units, of which the main fund is 7951, research and support is 3010. The museum is located 6 permanent and 1 temporary exhibitions traveling. Exhibits on display in the exhibition are unique: glass bangles in XII, Ring the XVI century, Painted chest and other monuments of museum-quality works of art are closely related to the outlook, rituals and customs, the life of their creators (a collection of ceremonial handbrake, woven postilki, icons, gilded cross, crucifixion). An important place in the museum's collection is the material that reflects the rural and urban specialized skill (cast patterns, Chashnikskaya ceramics, musical instruments, etc.). Of great interest is the collection of books. Part of the stored books published at a high artistic level, "Akafesnik", "full cycle of worship" of the nineteenth century. The pride of the museum, 68 wooden sculptures of the national master A.Osipkovoy. In 2012 the museum held a research study on "The War of 1812 in the life of chashnichan". In 2013 the museum is conducting a study on "Historical and cultural heritage. Chashniki area". Chashniki Historical Museum has been working on updating the exhibits. Museum organized 18 exhibitions, including "Christmas carols samples", "From the source of eternal beauty", "Fair one day", "October. The Revolution. We", "With a photo lens for nature", conducted 167 tours. Museum took part in the regional festival-competition of amateur puppet theaters "A Doll's light". The museum offers visitors a museum tours, museum and educational classes, game programs, exhibitions, folk festivals, visiting the museum tour "From the monument to the monument", "This is my town", "They are named after the street", "Chashniki - my little home". In the museum there is a souvenir presented booklets, calendars, product Chashniki artisans. The museum was awarded a diploma "For the revival of national traditions of the Belarusian Batleika II" regional competition of amateur puppet theaters "Puppet World" 2012.

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    Exposure - Chashniki historical museum

    1. ”In the gray eyelids your sources” includes the collection of PDI, archeology, books, clothing, ethnography and household items.
    2. ”Culture and education chashnichchine” includes a collection of documents, photos dedicated to musical instruments.
    3. ”Craft and industrial classes chashnichchan” includes subjects from the history of art, life and ethnography.
    4. ”War. People. Victory ” includes a collection of documents, manuscripts, books, clothes.
    5. ”The Edge of good people, the edge of bright ideas” includes a collection of paintings, sculpture, decorative arts, documentary photographs.

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    Address 211149, Republic of Belarus, Vitebsk region, Chashniki, Svobodi square, 1 GPS Google: 54.85717′ N, 54.85717′ E