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Zhlobin historical-ethnographic museum

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Type: Local History The exhibition: 6 Location: Zhlobin, Gomel region

Zhlobin historical-ethnographic museum was founded in 1992 and is a former kindergarten rooms demonstration area of 243 m2. The building was built in 1911. The museum has 6 permanent and temporary 9 / roving exhibitions. The museum funds to date is 16,397 items, of which the main fund is 10169 and auxiliary science is 6228. The Foundation is constantly updated .

The research activities of the museum aimed at collecting, scientific processing, storage and restoration of monuments of archaeological materials, architecture, and the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945, materials on the history of settlement Red Beach and the palace and park ensemble, the history of the national costume, the history of the guerrilla movement in Zhlobinschine, stories of banks located in the city and region, the history of Zhlobin, entitled "Children and War". Of cultural events held at the museum an interactive tour of the "Belarusian hut", which introduces the interior of the house of the Belarusian XIX - XX century. Also lectures: "The Notebook" - the memories of prisoners of concentration camps, "Krasnoberezhskoe miracle" - the history of the estate of Lieutenant General Gatovsky, the event "Night at the Museum" and the museum game "Question - Answer". In the museum there is a souvenir: plaster medallions on the braid, plaster medallions on the magnet, plastic magnets, pencils souvenir.

Photo - Zhlobin historical-ethnographic museum

    Exposure - Zhlobin historical-ethnographic museum

    1. ethnography submitted household items and ethnography, arts and crafts, fragments of a peasant's hut, decorated with the pattern of the rural interior of the XIX century in Zhlobin region.
    2. railway Zhlobin is a major w / d unit and the whole story is connected with the development of the railway. Introduces the development of the railway in 1873 to the present.
    3. Revolutionary period submitted documents, photographs dedicated to the revolutionary events of the period of development of the city from 1917 to the 1941.
    4. During the Great Patriotic War collections of documents faleristics, weapons, clothing, and casings from bullets and shells, mortar, utensils, letters, photographs, awards, and more from beginning of war and the liberation of the city and the district.
    5. Рeriod of the occupation regime submitted documents, photographs, weapons occupation period from 1941 to 1943.
    6. Zhlobin modern submitted documents, photographs, instruments, apparatus, modern enterprises and their products are of the recovery period.

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    Location map - Zhlobin historical-ethnographic museum

    Address 247210, Republic of Belarus, Gomelskaya region, Zhlobine, st. Pervomajskaya 85 GPS Google: 52.893047′ N, 52.893047′ E