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Narovlya ethnographic museum

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Type: Ethnographic The exhibition: 6 Location: Narovlya, Gomel region

Narovlya Ethnographic Museum is based on 1991 year, is open to visitors May 8, 1996. The museum includes one main building, demonstration area of ​​exhibition halls is 220 m square. The museum operates 6 permanent and 5 temporary exhibitions, covering the ethnography and history and consequences of the Chernobyl disaster. The total number of museum exhibits more than 3.5 thousand, of which the main fund 2.6 thousand in the following topics: Chernobyl, Ivan Chavroux (Liquidator of the Chernobyl accident), the fate  ejectment villages and their inhabitants, famous countrymen. On that subject, Narovlya Museum carries out extensive research - are constantly replenished funds interesting materials and documents on all known countrymen replenished personal folders using that publishes articles and newspapers and on radio transmission wire.

Narovlya ethnographic museum annually participates in the cultural activities at district level. Among them Carnival - is held in the city center on Lenin Square, the museum organizes holiday bingo. Night at the Museum - a night museum tours and entertainment for guests. Also theatrical performances during the holidays. For visitors to the museum offers merchandise - calendars and souvenir plates featuring Palace and Park Ensemble Pavilions.

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    Exposure - Narovlya ethnographic museum

    1. Narovlya and Chernobyl tragedy history of 36 villages evacuated, the accident at Chernobyl, the elimination of the consequences.
    2. Narovlya and Chernobyl tragedy exhibited embroidered Narovlya arnamentom shirts, woven with colored threads and embroidered towels, art-colored fabric covers.
    3. Exhibitions replacement exhibitions, paintings, drawings, works of local craftsmen, artists, school clubs.
    4. Dishes presented items of pottery, slotting craft, ceramics, slides, oil mills, cups, spoons, bowls, dezhki, sieves, mortars, borilki.
    5. Fishing 25 exhibits, telling about fishing - net, floats, warp.
    6. Nature Narovlya edge stuffed animals and birds - wild boars, wolves and deer.

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    Address 247802, Republic of Belarus, Gomel region, Narovlya, October str., 14 GPS Google: 51.790714′ N, 51.790714′ E