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Rechitsa ethnographic museum

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Type: Local History The exhibition: 8 Location: Rechitsa, Gomel region

Rechitsa ethnographic museum was founded in 3th may 1952 and is located in an annex to the former Holy Assumption Cathedral. The first exhibition was opened on November 5, 1954. The museum consisted at that time of 1000 exhibits, the exhibition was housed in the same room where he was a department of socialist construction. On 1 September 2006 the museum operates in the new building. For visitors to the exhibition opened new departments "Ethnography" (Halls "Folk Crafts", "Hata Belarusian peasant" and "weaving"), "Rechica at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries,"Department of the Soviet period and modern times", "Great Patriotic War" and "Our countrymen". In august 1th 2007 opened new departments "Nature of region" and "Ancient history". In the halls of the materials describing the history of the Rechitsa region from VI millennium BC and up to date. The museum carries out the collection, storage, display and promotion of historical, material and spiritual culture. Today, the archive contains more than 30 000 genuine museum pieces. The museum contains important collections of archeology, numismatics, faleristics, painting, tools and household farmers Rechitskoye edge, photos and documents, memorials countrymen and much more. In September 2007, in order to enhance and promote the exhibition of the art collection of the museum, was opened art gallery in a renovated building - a monument of architecture of the late ХІХ century. Display area halls of the museum is 487 m2. Operates 10 permanent exhibits and 1 mobile. The total number of museum objects is 55,228, of which 30,826 general fund, research and support 24,402.

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    1. ”Ancient history” division includes the collection: archeology, numismatics, bonistic, household items, photographs, prints, which cover the period from the Middle Stone Age to the late XIX - early XX centuries. Widely represented objects "milogradskaya" culture, to the museum expedition of the Institute of Slavic Archaeology of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, has conducted excavations in the area of Rechitsky in 1951-1961, respectively; archaeological finds from excavations Rechitskoye tenements and studied in the mid-90s of the twentieth century. Unique exhibits - X century Byzantine coin found in 1909 on the banks of Dniepr River near Rechitsa, a medallion of St. Feodor XII century and a collection of smoking pipes XVI-XVII centuries.
    2. ”Ethnography” division includes the collection: instruments and appliances, clothing, household goods, fabrics and textiles. The exposition is located in three halls: "Folk Crafts", "Hata Belarusian peasant" and "weaving", describing the most important aspects of the material culture of the Belarusian peasant. The halls are agricultural tools, tools for processing flax, household items, home interiors, clothing and items of folk weaving.
    3. ”Rechitsa at the turn of the ХІХ-ХХ centuries” Department shows rare photos of the originals are stored in the museum. Images give an idea of ​​the city Rechitza during the late ХІХ and early ХХ centuries., its shape and coloring, historic districts, schools and individual people of this era.
    4. ”Soviet period and modern times” division includes the collection: bonistic, veksilologiya, military equipment, documents, clothing, prints, household items, items from the history of art, manuscripts, faleristics, photographs.
    5. ”Great Patriotic War” division includes the collection: documents, photographs, manuscript, print, faleristics Bonistics, sphragistics, military equipment, clothing, household items, tools and accessories. On the tragedy of the people and the heroic past of the Great Patriotic War, telling letters, photographs, documents, state awards and personal belongings of the leaders and the rank and file of the war, as well as leaflets and newspapers.
    6. ”Our countrymen” department reveals the cultural life of the region through a prominent art, science, culture, and their invaluable contribution to the historical and cultural heritage of the region. Presented photographs, documents, manuscripts, drawings, sculptures, household items, faleristics, clothing, prints.
    7. ”Nature of region” dioramas on display in the department stuffed inhabitants of forests, fields, marshes, which give an idea about the wildlife region. Here you can see all the detail of its representatives and learn about their environment. Proceedings of the museum are also acquainted with the geography of Rechitsa region and minerals. A special place is heading for animals, birds and plants listed in the "Red Book of the Republic of Belarus".
    8. Art Gallery - exhibition of A.Isachev works features paintings and drawings by the famous Rechitsa artist Alexander Isachev. The collection includes 21 museum exhibit.

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    Address 247500, Republic of Belarus, Gomel region, Rechitsa, Proletarskaya str., 2 GPS Google: 52.374047′ N, 52.374047′ E