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Rogachev museum of National Glory

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Type: Local History The exhibition: 6 Location: Rogachev, Gomel region

The beginning of the development of the museum in Rogachev region was laid in 1962, when the decision of the Rogachev executive committee of the regional Council of Workers' Deputies in the city created a local history museum on a voluntary basis.

Its founder and first director was a local historian, one of the organizers of the partisan movement in Rogachev region - Semen Matveyevich Sverdlov.

In 1967, by order of the Council of Ministers of the BSSR, the Museum of Popular Glory was opened in the city on the basis of the Museum of Local History, and on October 3 of the same year, personnel and staffing were approved. Since that time, the museum acquired the status of a state.

In April 1970, by the decision of the Executive Committee of the Rogachev District Council of Workers' Deputies, the first exhibition was opened, consisting of two halls: "Revolutionary events in Rogachevshchina" and "Great Patriotic War" and the liberation of the city and region.

In November 1991, the Museum of National Glory was allocated to accommodate a new exposition of a former bank building on Lenin St., 58. After the repair and reconstruction of the building, on July 2, 2000, the grand opening of a new exposition of the museum took place, which is located on an area of 212 sq. from 5 halls and 2 sections.

The total area of the museum is 412 square meters. m, demonstration area of the halls of 335 square meters. The total number of museum objects is about 45 thousand, of which the main fund is 28 943, the scientific auxiliary is 16 635.

All items of the main fund of the museum are divided into 40 collections. The largest collections of the museum are: "Archeology", "Personal Documents", "Numismatics", "Faleristics", "Printed Publications", "Photos". Of great value are collections of icons and old editions, as well as hoards of coins and weapons. A unique collection, representing the works of Russian and Belarusian artists, as well as Rogachev artists, is particularly valuable collection of works by Anatoly Kaplan. The state catalog of the Museum Fund of the Republic of Belarus includes 27 museum items.

Photo - Rogachev museum of National Glory

    Exposure - Rogachev museum of National Glory

    1. Collection ”Great Patriotic War” dedicated to the liberation of Rogachev from the Nazi invaders and the partisan movement in the district.
    2. Collection ”Archeology” one of the most unique collections of the museum. Of particular note are materials from archaeological excavations of monuments from the Bronze Age period.
    3. Collection ”Writers Countrymen” will introduce well-known writers whose life and work are closely connected with Rogachev, including Yadvigin Sh., Mikhas Lynkov, Rygor Sunitsa, Vladimir Korotkevich, Andrei Makayonok and others.
    4. Collection ”City life of the beginning of the XX century” presents interior of the city dwelling of the beginning of the 20th century is presented
    5. Collection ”Ethnography” acquaints visitors with the attributes of rural life, weaving, agricultural implements. The exhibition presents towels with characteristic patterns Rogachev.
    6. Exhibition hall

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    Address 247673, Republic of Belarus, Gomel region, Rogachev, Lenin Street, 58 GPS Google: 53.087484′ N, 53.087484′ E