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Chechersk historical- ethnographic museum

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Type: Ethnographic The exhibition: 6 Location: Chechersk, Gomel region

In 1990 the decision of the Executive Committee was established Chechersk historical- ethnographic museum. Museum began work in a small room of the district executive committee on the fourth floor. Repository housed in the building of the current tax inspection. Over 3 years housed the museum and estate-Chernyshevy Kruglikovo. Order of the Department of Culture Chechersk Executive Committee of 25 March 2005 the museum moved to the Town Hall building of the XVIII century. Checherskaya Town Hall is a landmark building of the 1st category of national importance. By the end of the XVIII century the town hall was central location and was an element linking all the individual buildings in the ensemble of the ideal city. In this system, a single urban ensemble of the town hall building was identified as a gazebo which offers views of the entire city. To the north-west and north-east of the town hall open beautiful views of the river floodplain SOG and Cecere, as well as the Castle Mountain and the old park. The museum building is a demonstration area of halls 634.1 m ² and includes 7 permanent and 3 temporary mobile displays. The total number of museum objects on 01.01.2013 is 20631, of which the main fund is 18888, auxiliary science is 1743. Museum funds consist of the following collections: "Painting", "Graphics", "Sculpture", "Arts and Crafts", "Documents", "Manuscripts", "Publications", "Old printed books", "Numismatics", "Treasures", "Bonistics", "Faleristika", "Sphragistics", "Military equipment", "Clothes", "Musical Instruments", "Items from the History of Technology", "Household items and Ethnography", "Documentary photographs", "Film fonadokumenty", "Natural history".

Of cultural events at the museum hosts an annual international event "Night of Museums" (May 18): exhibition and sale of craftsmen Checherschiny, performance ethnic group "Checherskaya lute", performance of participants Grafskogo Theatre in Chechersk win-win lottery, etc. Every year in December, held event "Night at the Museum" with a performance prepodavateleya school of Arts, costumed escort tours, etc. The museum is organized sale of souvenirs with symbols of the city: pens, magnets, note pads, key chains, bags, etc.

Note: In the winter, the museum is open from 09.00-18.00.

Photo - Chechersk historical- ethnographic museum

    Exposure - Chechersk historical- ethnographic museum

    1. ”Joining Chechersk region of the Russian Empire” presented XIX century antique furniture, artifacts, money, paper and copper, as well as documents relating to the period of occurrence Chechersk region of the Russian Empire.
    2. ethnography presented Chechersk red and white towels, religionists, pottery, woodworking, weaving, braiding.
    3. iconography presented Checherskaya icon-painting school dynasty farmers Gerakovyh and icons, donated to the museum residents and natives of the area.
    4. ”Еconomic development of the region (the end of XVIII - beginning of XX c.) and Memorial Hall Chernyshevy” visitors can experience the atmosphere of the era of Count Chernyshev.
    5. archeology visitors can see fragments of mammoth tusks and teeth, flint implements from the excavations at Berdyzhskoy parking, glass bracelets, made ​​by local craftsmen, trehshipnye shoe horseshoes, fragments of terracotta kafli, and other artifacts that represent significant historical value.
    6. ”Echo of Chernobyl” presented the model of an abandoned house that was decorated at the expense of the French project CORE. He "talks" about how to look after the house having been left residents

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    Location map - Chechersk historical- ethnographic museum

    Address 247152, Republic of Belarus, Gomel region, Chechersk, Lenin st., 4 GPS Google: 52.919435′ N, 52.919435′ E