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Oshmyany regional ethnographic museum of F.Bogushevich

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Type: Local History Location: Oshmyany, Grodno region

Oshmyany regional ethnographic museum of F.Bogushevich is based on the order of the Council of Ministers of the Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic from 27.09.1952, the construction of facilities for the museum began in August 1953 and Sovetskaya Street, 80. In the same year, the museum is named F.K.Bogushevicha. The opening ceremony was held on October 16, 1955. In the year of the opening of the department work of socialist construction and corner dedicated to Belarusian poet Democrat F.Bogushevicha. In 1963, the museum was abolished as a state, transferred to the public early and sent to boarding school. In 1965 he was created and is open to visitors new exhibition. It consisted of three divisions: the nature and history of pre-Soviet times, the history of Soviet society. Last updated exposition in 1987. The museum preserves objects of archeology and numismatics, oshmyantsev personal belongings and items of national life, the products of master craftsmen and documents, weapons, photographs, stuffed animals and dummies, books, personal files and other famous oshmyantsev. There is a local history file cabinet. On January 1, 2012 stocks include 21471 museum object, of which the main fund - 10374, scientific sub - 11,097 units. All museum items divided into 15 collections: "Painting", "Arts and Crafts", "Archaeology", "numismatics", "Bonistics", "Documents", "Publications", "Medals & Orders," "Veksilologiya", "Arms and military equipment", "Clothes", "Genesis", "Documentary photographs", "Animals", "Graphics". In August 2000 the museum received a historic building that was built in 1850. The reconstruction of the museum building completed in October 2009. November 20, 2009 the grand opening of the exhibition hall of the museum. In two years, the museum has become a real cultural center of the region, which hosts a variety of events and meetings. June 17, 2010 the presentation of the President of the International Association of Exhibition "The Art of the World" M.I.Karnilova "The Gift Gallery "NIKOR"". The museum received a gift of 431 work of art (painting, drawing, sculpture). The gallery is open today and enriches the beauty of the museum.

The museum also offers to attend an international event "Night at the Museum". Every year on May 18 near the museum area organized theatrical performances, dances , meals , workshops of craftsmen , aqua make-up.
Also in the museum designed 19 lectures on various subjects. They introduce students to the history Oshmyanschiny, monuments of historical and cultural heritage, life and creativity F.K. Bogushevicha, the history of our city streets. Series of lectures on the theme of the Great Patriotic War.
For older preschool and primary school children developed 23 museum studies. Most classes are held in the form of a game.
Opening of the exhibitions are taking place with the owners collection, creators of works of art in the exhibition, used video presentation, musical accompaniment.
The museum conducted research work aimed at studying the history, culture, nature Oshmyany District. The museum developed annually new texts of lectures, classes are held new museum, organized roundtables and seminars. Museum staff compiled booklets devoted to the most famous places and people Oshmyany District.

Museum Awards:
Oshmyany regional ethnographic museum of F.Bogushevichhas become the winner in the nomination «Best Cultural Institution Oshmyany District». In 2012 the museum was awarded a diploma for the participation in the first national forum «Museums of Belarus».

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    Address 231103, Republic of Belarus, Grodno region, town Oshmyany, Sovetskaya st., 126 GPS Google: 54.424099′ N, 54.424099′ E