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The museum of Mogilev history

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Type: Historical The exhibition: 1 Location: Mogilev, Mogilev region

Mogilev History Museum from the 1990s. housed in a former Bishops Palace (baroque monument of XIX century). In 2002 opened the first exhibition of the museum in a building on the street. Lenin, 13. Since 2008, the museum Housed in a restored monument of architecture of the XVII century - City Hall. This building is located in the historic center of Mogilev and is home to the city's celebrations and official functions of the city executive committee. Exhibition halls of the museum housed on two floors. They are objects X - early XX c. related to the history of Mogilev. The museum introduces visitors to the main stages of historical development of the city, with its medieval culture, ways life support, religion and privacy. In the warmer months, diners can go up to the observation deck of the Town Hall, it offers panoramic views the city, a picturesque bend of the Dnieper and beyond the river was given. Chime Clock Tower Hall set on top of the tower, have a unique mechanism which are driven by heavy weights. In 2004 in the suburbs of Mogilev for the purpose of perpetuating the feat of Mogilev defenders during the Great World War II, and in particular, the 388 soldiers of Infantry Regiment 172 Infantry Division and militias Mogilev opened a branch of the museum - Memorial complex "Bujnichi field".

Demonstration area of museum is 3378 m2. Acts 5 permanent exhibitions. The total number of museum objects is 13751, of which 8965 general fund, research and support 4786. In 2013 sozdan Exhibition Hall. The History Museum of Mogilev held cultural events: the night Museums (at the site near the museum), weddings (solemn registration wedding).

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    1. Exhibition Hall presents everyday objects, pictures and photographs, documents relating to the history and onovnom stages of historical development of the city of medieval culture, tradition, religion and way of life of citizens and famous people.

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    Address 212030, Republic of Belarus, Mogilev, Lenin str., 1a GPS Google: 53.894606′ N, 53.894606′ E