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Byhov district historical- ethnographic museum

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Type: Local History Location: Byhov, Mogilev region

Byhov history museum was based in June 4, 1979. The opening was held June 29, 1984, during the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the liberation Byhov district from Nazi invaders. The main part of the museum exhibits materials to be transferred from the museum regional newspaper "Lighthouse Dnieper". Vorobev Ivan was  the first head of the museum, after - Bozhkov Sergey Maksimovich and Bushtak Lyubov.

Museum funds count 7 656 museum objects, including 5799 FIXED ASSETS (in 2009). Among them are works of applied art, folk life, culture, things that reflect the history, ethnography and archeology of the region. The museum has a rich numismatic collection, there are paintings, sculptures, graphics. The funds of the stored exhibits with memorial significance for the history of the area and owned by famous byhov people.

Traditionally all district activities museum staff exhibitions, scientific conferences. Since September 2010, with the museum's search team «Bykhov abroad» -structural unit of the public association "Mogilev Regional History patriotic club search.

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    Address 213352, Republic of Belarus, Mogilev region, Bykhov, Askalenko str., 21 A GPS Google: 53.521189′ N, 53.521189′ E