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Krasnopolye historical- ethnographic museum

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Type: Ethnographic The exhibition: 5 Location: Krasnopolie, Mogilev region

Krasnopolye historical-ethnographic museum is based in section Krasnopolye to address Krasnopolie District Council of People's Deputies on 19 november 1991. Opened to the public in 1994 in a former regional center of communications. Display area halls of the museum is 300 m2. Operates 4 permanent exposition and a mini-exhibition. The total number of museum objects has 3 750 of which the main fund 3 344, research and support 406. Museum organizes lectures for educational institutions "Land of our ancestors," "Family rituals," "Guerrilla armies in the Krasnopolye district", and museum studies "Interesting things in a peasant's hut", "Our Krasnopolski suit".

Photo - Krasnopolye historical- ethnographic museum

    Exposure - Krasnopolye historical- ethnographic museum

    1. mini-exhibition devoted to main events of history, especially life and ethnography of the population Krasnopolye district.
    2. ”Ethnography and life Krasnopolshchina late XIX - early XX centuries” exhibition includes household items and crafts people Krasnopolschina late XIX - early XX centuries.
    3. ”Great Patriotic War” exposure represented sections: "The occupation of the area - a mode of violence and bullying," "The insurgency in the Krasnopolschine", "Liberation Krasnopolye district", "Our countrymen in the Great Patriotic War."
    4. ”The pain of Chernobyl” exhibition presented photographs and documents that tell the story of the aftermath of the disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Krasnopolie district
    5. ”The history of folk theatre Krasnopolye” display are theatrical posters and awards, pictures with scenes of theatrical productions.

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    Address 213561, Republic of Belarus, Mogilev region, Krasnopolye, Antonov st., 2 GPS Google: 53.342251′ N, 53.342251′ E