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Mstislavl historical-archaeological museum

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Type: Archeological The exhibition: 3 Location: Mstislavl, Mogilev region

Mstislavl historical-archaeological museum is built according to the order of the Department of Culture of the Mogilev oblast executive committee № 3 of 6 June 1988. Opened to the public in May 1995 in a former mail, built in the late XIX century. Over the years, the museum led by S.M. Klimov, V.L. Gasenko, from July 4, 2006 the museum manages V.V. Shilenkov. Demonstration area museum rooms is 290 m2, which There are 2 permanent and four temporary exhibitions. The total number of museum items for 2009 is 20,359, of which the main fund 12,152, Auxiliary - 8207, including rare numismatic collection.

The museum has two unique exhibits: helmet XV century West European Russian type and helmet late XIV-XV century began. These findings were caught in River Vihra in Mstislavl and given as a gift to the museum. On According to the scientists of the Institute of History and Archaeology of the National Academy of Sciences Belarus, helmets were on the battlefield Mstislavschinu Grunwald battle.

In the village of Malaya Bogatkovka a branch of the museum "Literary Museum. M. Gorki", which presents two exhibitions "Life and work of M. Gorki" and ethnographic household.  

The Museum carries out scientific research on themes: Saint Prince Rostislav Mstislavovich,, Orsha regiments in the Battle of Grunwald, Mstislav self in the second half of the 70's 1 century, in the people's memory (1941-1945), Jews in Mstislavl, Orthodoxy in Mstislavl.

In 2008 museum was awarded a diploma of the winner of urban and regional museums in the annual competition among departments culture of the city and district executive committees and cultural organizations. Annually by the museum staff conducted national festival Chamber Music named after N.I. Churkin, in which holds scientific conference with the participation of the leading cultural and art of Belarus art exhibitions, concerts of chamber ensembles. Since 2007, the city takes festival of medieval culture "Renowned Festival ", mandatory attribute which are jousting, storming the castle fire show, fair "City of Masters", medieval songs and dances.

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    Exposure - Mstislavl historical-archaeological museum

    1. Painting, drawing, sculpture Orthodox icons of the nineteenth century, a wooden sculpture of Jesus Christ of the seventeenth century, paintings of Belarusian and Russian artists, reflecting the city's history Mstislavl.
    2. Numismatics hoard of coins: solidi, coins incl Yagelonchik Alexander, Sigismund I Old (1506-1548), polugroshi, gold coin - Ducat 1652 Netherlands.
    3. Ethnography and life glassware, pottery, tools, household items, glassware, furniture XIX-XX centuries, pottery, blacksmith crafts.

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    Address 213470, Republic of Belarus, Mogilev region, Mstislavl, st. Kalinina, 49 GPS Google: 54.016633′ N, 54.016633′ E