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Bobruisk District Local History Museum

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Type: Local History The exhibition: 2 Location: Sychkovo, Mogilev region

In 1990 in v.Sychkovo Bobruisk district was opened Bobruisk District museum of military and labor glory. In 2007 the museum was renamed the Institution of Culture "Bobruisk District Local History Museum." Most of the work is aimed at promoting the historical past Bobruyschiny, promoting patriotism and civic qualities of the best of the younger generation. In three exhibition halls of the museum you can learn about archaeological materials that characterize the primitive society in the province, to learn about the life and work of the famous and talented people Bobruyschiny - founder of Belarusian Drama V.I. Dunina-Marcinkiewicz, Bobruisk branch of the descendants of Alexander Pushkin, about work countryman poet M.Avramchika, writer Ales Adamovich and others. In the exhibition halls of the museum you can see the best of the craftsmen Bobruisk region. Visiting d.Sychkovo you can not only get acquainted with the exhibits of the museum and visit the memorial complex "Hill of Glory", which perpetuated the memory of heroes who died during the liberation of the Bobruisk district, as well as to visit the bunker at the layout, where in the summer of 1944 made the feat GSS M.Seleznev. The museum is located in the same building of the demonstration area of ​​264 square meters of halls and includes three permanent exhibitions. The total number of museum objects is 7632, of which 6658 is general fund and 974 is scientific support.

The museum includes a tour of service, conduct museum, lectures and case studies, sale of souvenirs. Thematic tours: "Literary Bobruyschina", "The Great Patriotic War ...", "Ethnography Bobruyschiny." Museum studies: "What is it about patterns", "Belarusian hut", "How in the rose shirt", "Meet the Bee", "History of the samovar", "From the history of dolls", "The health field, meadow, forest", "Grandma's chest", "museum in a suitcase". Lectures, classes, "the museum profession", "Hell ancestors from time immemorial remained Spadchina me ...", "partisan and underground movement in Bobruisk district during World War II".

Exposure - Bobruisk District Local History Museum

  1. ethnography visitors will learn about daily life, clothing, traditions peasants late XIX - early XX centuries.
  2. ”Our region during World War II” tells about the heroism of the soldiers, partisans and underground fighters during the war.

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Address 213847, Republic of Belarus, Mogilev region, Sightseeing Tours, v.Sychkovo, Selezneva st., 16 GPS Google: 53.203256′ N, 53.203256′ E