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The museum of Soviet - Polish military unity

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Type: Memorial The exhibition: 6 Location: Gorki, Mogilev region

Museum of Soviet-Polish military cooperation was opened October 15, 1968 in honor of the 25th anniversary of the Battle of Lenin was the first Polish infantry division of T. Kosciuszko together with Soviet divisions against the Nazi invaders. At the memorial complex consists of the museum building and a number of monuments: the common grave of Soviet soldiers, Polish mass grave of soldiers and two field tomb, where he buried the soldiers. The museum was built under the project of Moscow Architects J. Belopolsky, Havin, V. Tsigolya sculpture. At the entrance to the museum - a sculpture that symbolizes the brotherhood of nations. The museum building is constructed in the form of a soldier's helmet demonstration area of ​​907 square meters. The total number of museum objects is 7370 items, including general fund - 6313, research and support - 1057.

Of cultural events at the museum each year on Victory Day, Independence Day, 12 October, the anniversary of the Battle of Lenine held a meeting at which a delegation from Poland. Each year, held a meeting of veterans of the Polish, Belarusian and Russian forces with students Goretskogo Teachers College and the Lenin School, lectures on military issues and lessons of courage, which tells of the exploits of soldiers with the museum exhibition. The research work carried out in the museum's libraries and museums of the Republic of Belarus, in Warsaw Museum of the Polish Army, conducted correspondence with the club I veterans PPD of T.Kostyushka with the Board of Veterans 42, 290, 344, 195 infantry divisions.

Note: the museum is open on Sunday from 10:00 to 15:00.

Exposure - The museum of Soviet - Polish military unity

  1. ”Clothes, Shoes & Accessories” collection includes uniforms of the Soviet period Soviet and Polish soldiers, hats, shoes, Patches, badges, equipment.
  2. collection includes decorations, medals, badges, badges, commemorative medals issued to the memorable events and dates.
  3. ”Weapon” the museum has 26 units and one unit training knives.
  4. ”Ceramics, glass, metal” includes crystal, ceramics (pottery and porcelain), glass, metal products in different shapes and artistic features. Displays objects of issue, the urn with earth taken from the place of burial of the Soviet soldiers who died for the liberation of Polish cities.
  5. ”Photographic” includes photographs (identity of the participants of the Battle of Lenine, certificates for awards of Soviet and Polish soldiers), photographic negatives.
  6. collection consists of books and periodicals, Soviet and Polish newspapers.

Schedule The museum of Soviet - Polish military unity

Location map - The museum of Soviet - Polish military unity

Address 213421, Republic of Belarus, Mogilev region, Goretskiy district, Agrotown Lenine GPS Google: 54.407692′ N, 54.407692′ E