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Khotimsk historical- ethnographic museum

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Type: Local History The exhibition: 3 Location: Khotimsk, Mogilev region

The decision to open a museum in Khotimsk was taken on August 30 1996 to improve the patriotic education of the younger generation, historical heritage of the Belarusian people and strengthen friendly ties of the Slavic peoples. Khotimsk Museum was created on September 26 1998, the day of the 600th anniversary of the founding Khotimsk and the 55th anniversary of the liberation of the area from Nazis, and keeps a history of Belarusians who lived in border with the Russian lands. The building in which the museum is located, is architectural monument Khotimsk 80s of the nineteenth century (pre-revolutionary house of the merchant). The museum There are over four thousand items presented 3 permanent exhibitions, also operates a showroom.

Annually by the museum staff meetings with school students with the veterans of the Great Patriotic War "Memorable mile" meeting with the soldiers-internationalists "Afghanistan. Place of tragedy and Glory", a talk show for high school students of local history, environmental and moral orientation. To obtain exhibition materials on ancient stories conducted archaeological and ethnographic expeditions.

Khotimsk township, as scientists believe, there was somewhere between 1695 year and the 1700 th year as a settlement - a settlement in which people in the some time were exempt from taxes. Khotimsk first suburb mentioned in 1709. This year is the first mention of the modern Khotimsk place.

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    Exposure - Khotimsk historical- ethnographic museum

    1. Archeology. Khotimsk 300 archaeological objects, prints, photographs, models, reconstruction of the Bronze, Early Iron Age and the Middle Ages - the tools and devices, found during excavations in Khotimsk.
    2. Ethnography of Khotimsk more than 200 items of historical and everyday topics heyday of folk art - patterned weaving, embroidery towels, religionists, panels, made ​​of vines, flax, bark, clay, wood.
    3. Khotimsk nature 50 zoological exhibits. The display is based - the principle of the protection of nature, animals and plants, the relationship between man and nature, the diversity of flora and fauna in different seasons.

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    Address 213660, Republic of Belarus, Mogilev region, Khotimsk, Dzerzhinsky st., 13A GPS Google: 53.414008′ N, 53.414008′ E