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Cherikov state historical-ethnographic museum

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Type: Local History The exhibition: 5 Location: Cherikov, Mogilev region

Cultural Institution "Cherikov History Museum" was founded in 1983, opened to the public November 27, 1986. The Museum has 6 exhibition halls, which has consistently presented the facts of history Cherikov region, including the pre-revolutionary period in the history hall, lounge Lemenskoy school commune, Hall of the Great Patriotic war, Hall of nature, Hall "October Revolution" and "Modernity". Of great importance for the region has a hall of ethnography, which hosts the museum ritual orientation classes are implemented museum and educational programs. Among the most interesting exhibits in the museum are a mammoth tooth and wool, iron ax XVII century of archaeological monuments of the area, the icons late XVIII - XIX century, the exhibition "The peasant hut" with everyday objects. Numismatic collection of more than 700 units. In museum features three paintings of artist-countryman Alexei Marochkina "The ancient city Cherikov", "Winter Angel" and "The River SOG", donated them to the museum. In the nature of the exhibited samples of minerals, stuffed animals and birds Cherikovschiny. The museum hosts exhibitions of paintings, toys, rocks, scenic, hiking, themed tours and museum studies. The total number of objects of the main fund of the museum is 11841, of which the main fund - 8263, research and support - 3578. The museum participated in the regional scientific conferences "Crafts of Mogilev. Tradition and Modernity" and "Ethnographic tissue Dnieper". The specificity of cultural and educational activities of the museum includes a museum activities, special tours and museum educational programs patriotic, local history and ethnographic focus.

Of cultural events are held in the museum museum occupation "Dolls-wards in the life of the Slavs", which provides for the manufacture children in the course of employment simple doll talisman. Museum occupation "Magic Chest" - employment ethnographic orientation, talks about the life and traditions of the peasants XVIII early XIX centuries. Museum occupation "Lemenskaya school-commune", the program "Wooden movable toy" - employment with preschoolers and younger students. Built on a collection of wooden moving toys. The museum also possible to carry out the rite "Wedding" in the Slavic style, stylized costumes with ceremonial rituals of the past. In the museum you can buy souvenirs: Slavic doll charms, booklets with the history of the city, brochures, museum exhibit.

Exposure - Cherikov state historical-ethnographic museum

  1. ”Nature” natural-historical and documentary collections. Is an artificial forest area with wild animals, birds, fish, timber documentation organization GLHU "Cherikov Forestry".
  2. Pre-revolutionary period in the history of the region collections of archeology, objects, bonistics, numismatics. Presented archaeological sites, artifacts found on archaeological sites, objects of everyday life at the time, tools. This department is a family Obolensky, whose lands were located on the territory of Cherikov edge.
  3. Model of a peasant”s hut late XIX - XX century ethnographic collection is presented in the form of peasant dwellings equipped with a Russian stove and all the necessary life of the peasants of the period fittings.
  4. ”Lemenskaya school-commune” collection of household items, documents, documentary photographs. Is the story of a school-commune for orphans on Cherikovschine. For information about the creator of the school commune Lepeshinskii M.N. Dweller Lemenskoy school commune.
  5. ”Great Patriotic War” collection of military history, weapons, documents, photographs, faleristics. Reflects the period of occupation by Nazi invaders Cherikov district. Submitted heroes-countrymen, natives Cherikovschiny, There are two qualitatively the artists panorama of battles. Reflected the guerrilla movement, the underground, the release Cherikov district from Nazi invaders.

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Location map - Cherikov state historical-ethnographic museum

Address 213533, Republic of Belarus, Mogilev region, Cherikov, Lenin st., 180 GPS Google: 53.569650′ N, 53.569650′ E