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Puchovichi district ethnographic museum

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Type: Local History The exhibition: 4 Location: Blon, Minsk region

Puchovichi district ethnographic museum was founded in 1968 as school in the village Dukora since 1969 - People in 1974 - became a state. The organizer and first director V.N. Whistler. Since 1993 located in the village Blon in the house pomeschitskom revolutionary populist A.О. Bonch-Osmolovsky, which has created the exhibition "Life and work of educators Bonch-Osmlovskih", "People's life Territory", "Refreshment Puhovschiny", "The Great Patriotic War", "Famous edge", "Literary Puhovschina", "Man and the Bee". The museum is located in two buildings and includes 15 permanent and 6 temporary / mobile displays. held in the museum research work in the fields of history, literature, nature, folk life and art.

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    Exposure - Puchovichi district ethnographic museum

    1. Art gallery with the Department of the artist G.F. Brzhazovskogo features paintings and drawings by artists-area natives Pukhovichi: V.Bartashevicha, L.Levchenko, A.Finskоgo, etc.; hall artist - honorary citizen of Marina Gorka G.Brzhazovskogo; exposition "Yakub Kolas: nature and people of his native land" , exhibition "The Nature of the literary study A.Bachily".
    2. ”Heroes and people” tells the story of Heroes of the Soviet Union - the natives Pukhovichi district as well as the heroes who fought on the ground and freed Pukhavichy this region.
    3. ”Hero of the Soviet Union Nikolai Chepik” exhibition tells the story of childhood and school years, serving in the Soviet Army and the heroism of Nicholas Chepik in faraway Afghanistan, about the "fifth" special purpose brigade, the soldiers-internationalists, wandering about the history of the village and its inhabitants.
    4. ”Partisan Glory” tells the story of the guerrilla movement in Pukhovichi area during World War II, on the second and third teams Minsk "Belarus" and "Petrel", partisans them. Stalin and the "Avenger", about the life of the writer of the underground during World War II Makar Posledovich and other famous people of the region.

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    Address 222851, Republic of Belarus, Minsk region, Pukhovichi district, agrotown ”Blon”, Sanatorium st., 5 GPS Google: 53.5263′ N, 53.5263′ E