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Museum of aviation technics of Borovaya

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Type: Science and Technology The exhibition: 1 Location: Minsk, Minsk region

Museum of aviation technics in Borovaya is based on the Central Flying Club "Voluntary society of assistance to the army, air force or navy" name twice Hero of the Soviet Union Sergei Gritsevets. The museum was opened in 4th of july 2009. The museum is organized by ministries of defense, transport and communications, Minsk City Executive Committee, Minsk Regional Executive Committee, "Voluntary society of assistance to the army, air force or navy" supported by the State Secretariat of the Security Council of Belarus. The initiator of the open-air museum was the head of the Central Flying Club "Voluntary society of assistance to the army, air force or navy" Nikolai Mochansky. Engaged in the creation of exhibitions engineering staff of aeroclub. The first four planes appeared in Borovaya in 1999. Currently on display museum of aviation technology and many different types of classes. Demonstration museum area is 2 hectares. The total number of museum objects 37 units. The Borovaya visitors have the opportunity to enter the Mi-24P helicopter, An-2 plane and MiG-23 cockpit and inspect them from the inside. In museum pass aviation and sporting holidays, competitions of regional, republican and international level on helicopter, parachute and aircraft model sports, demonstration flights of aircraft of Republic of Belarus. In the territory of an aeroclub the sporting and entertaining center of leisure where it is possible to play in a paintball is located. Central aviation club offers an opportunity to take part in a sightseeing flight by helicopter MI-2, Yak -52, An-2 and make parachute jumps.

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    Exposure - Museum of aviation technics of Borovaya

    1. Aviation equipment parking uncovered of aircraft and helicopters. Samples of aircraft technology are presented since the 1940s. And to the present: light transport aircraft An-2, military transport aircraft An-12B, a flying laboratory An-26LL, short-haul passenger aircraft Il-14P, Tu-134, Yak-40, long-haul passenger aircraft Il-18V, multi-purpose helicopters Ka-26, Mi -1M, training aircraft L-29 (Delfin), multi-purpose transport helicopter Mi-8T Multi-purpose transport helicopter Mi-26 trainer MiG-15UTI, MiG-25PU, MiG-17, front-line MiG-19S, MiG-21bis, training and combat fighter aircraft MiG-23UB, fighter-bombers, MiG-27K, Su -7BMK, Su-17M, front-line fighter, the MiG-29, Su-25 attack aircraft, trainer aircraft Yak-18 fighter-interceptor Yak-25, a ground simulator catapult NKTL 29-39.

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    Address 223053, Republic of Belarus, Minsk region, Minsk district, Borovaja GPS Google: 53.960889′ N, 53.960889′ E