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Archaeological Museum Berestye

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Type: Archeological The exhibition: 6 Location: Brest, Brest region

Archaeological Museum Berestye is one of the four branches of the Brest regional ethnographic museum. Opened March 2, 1982 on the island of Hospital (Volyn strengthening) Brest fortress on the site of the ancient citadel of birch bark. January 18, 1972 the Council of Ministers of the BSSR decided to create a museum Berestye and the construction of a special pavilion, which is a gable ceiling with skylight in the center. Its shape reminiscent of an ancient dwelling and sods at the same time revealing the ancient city.

The main exhibit of the Museum Berestye - an archaeological excavation with residential and farm buildings XIII c.. In center of the pavilion - the excavation site, covering an area of ​​1118 m2. At a depth of 4 meters is part of the artisan quarter - 28 wooden dwelling and outbuildings in the XIII, Two street bridge, fence, the remains of the adobe ovens. Excavations revealed the original layout of the ancient birch bark, where the basic planning elements were streets. Dwellings adjoined to the streets of blank walls, put in 3-4 rows between the streets and at a distance of 0.4-0.6 m from each other. These were ground unicameral square in plan structure, cut down into a simple angle of round logs of coniferous species. On both sides of the excavation are located exhibition halls with a total area of ​​252 m2. The museum is about 1200 items that reveal the following topics: the origin and history of the ancient city of birch bark, planning and development of the city, iron-craft, non-ferrous metal, bone carving, leather craft, spinning, weaving, pottery and woodworking, home renovation berestyanina (XIII c.), agriculture, animal husbandry, hunting and fishing, trade, culture, and history research birch bark.

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    Exposure - Archaeological Museum Berestye

    1. Locks and keys XI - XVI centuries found during archaeological excavations in Berestye Berestya. On existence of different crafts evidenced by the remains of various tools, raw materials, semi-finished and finished products.
    2. iron processing presented instruments of labor - forging hammer and tongs; woodworking tools - axes, adzes, drills, chisels, adze-plane, chertets decoration of arms, weapons and protective gear rider and horse. Besides largest category of finds are various locking devices: locks, keys, spring shackle cylinder locks, antics, springs from internal locks.
    3. shaver the most rare and interesting finds from the black metal of the exposition. In Belarus are the only ones.
    4. women”s jewelery kolty, temple rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, rings, rings. Noteworthy billonovy Colt with a symbolic figure of germinating grain. Colt is among the most valuable and expensive women's jewelry headdress. Colt was hollow inside. Invest in it with a cloth dampened with fragrant oils. Considered unique boxwood comb carved with letters of the alphabet - Cyrillic on both sides. On one side of the are 6 characters and on the other side are 7. This comb - the oldest and the only "textbook" to teach literacy in Belarus.
    5. craft the materials for bone carving crafts (horns and bones of elk, deer tour, deer, pets), fragments of wool, spindle, loom parts, Leather Shoes XIII - XIV centuries., utensils (pots, pitchers, bowls, pans, woks ) made an early potter's wheel, woodworking tools (axes, adzes, chisels, adze, drill, knife, cutter), archaeological finds of crops (flax and hemp seeds), and agricultural implements (oak plow - a unique find in the thirteenth century, the only in Europe this time, ferrules - naralnik and opener), butter pulp, elements in the XIII century (bone chess pieces - the king and the rook, carved from wood and bone).
    6. Christianity in Berestye iron, amber and stone crosses, fragments of two crosses, encolpion Spoon, communion, icon-insert with a picture of the Virgin Orans.

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    Address 224018, Republic of Belarus, Brest, Brest Fortress, Hospital island GPS Google: 52.079944′ N, 52.079944′ E