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Brest Museum of railway equipment

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Type: Science and Technology Location: Brest, Brest region

Brest Museum of railway equipment - technical museum dedicated to the rail, rolling stock and everything connected with it. The museum was founded in May 15, 2002. The total area is 29 000 m². Length of the three exposure pathways - 1 200 meters. In the museum, as of 2008, there are 68 full-scale specimens of railway equipment. A distinctive feature of the museum is that most of the exhibits acting, so you can use them on a sightseeing trip and filming. Also there are more than a hundred pieces of technical equipment of railway transport from different periods of history. The museum under the open sky locomotives are pre-war, wartime and postwar generations, diesel locomotives. The museum has two unique steam crane PC-6, PC-TSUMZ release in 1950. A collection of carriages is a 2-way and 4-key production cars 1903-1940 period (including sanitary and staff cars). The museum is located locomotive gidrokolonka, pneumatic uglepodatchik for refueling locomotives with coal, station electric clock (1953), the railway station bell.

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    Address 224000, Republic of Belarus, Brest, Masherov Avenue, 2 GPS Google: 52.085967′ N, 52.085967′ E