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Zhabinkovski Regional History Museum

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Type: Local History Location: Brest region

May 19, 2011 opening Zhabinkovsky Regional History museum in the village of Small Sekhnovichi. Back in 1994, the school created Sehnovichskoy room dedicated to General Kosciuszko and old Kosciusko-Sehnovichskih. In winter in 2003 opened memorial room of M.Sehnovichah. And in 2011 in the spring opened a museum. The museum has about 300 original exhibits. At the moment the museum are 3 halls: Hall of ethnography, the hall dedicated to the life and work of T. Kosciuszko Hall of military glory. Small Sekhnovichi - family nest Kosciusko-Sehnovichskih. Museum exhibition consists of several sections devoted to the history of the earth and Zhabinkovski present day territory. A significant part of the exhibition reveals the heroic annals of the Great Patriotic War. Interestingly represented corner of ethnography and life. Lots of interesting exhibits is presented to visitors in a separate room dedicated to the life and work of General Tadeusz Kosciuszko, who is known as a "hero of three continents". Bust Kosciuszko which stands in front of the museum - the first in Belarus came here in the spring of 1988 and created a bust in 1932 the famous Polish sculptor Balbina Vidatskoy-Svitich. Not far from the museum building is a fragment of an ancient historical park. Nearby is a park named after Tadeusz Kosciuszko. There is the thought that some of the trees planted personally Tadeusz Kosciuszko, who lived in M.Sehnovichah between 1784 and 1790. Zhabinkovski Regional Museum was successfully entered into the scheme of tourist routes in the area. First of all, it will attract those who are interested in such a memorable page of our history as a national liberation uprising in 1794 under the leadership of Tadeusz Kosciuszko.

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    Address 225110, Republic of Belarus, Brest region, Zhabinkovski district, v. Small Sekhnovichi, st. T. Kosciuszko, 21 GPS Google: 52.236789′ N, 52.236789′ E