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Museum The centеr of crafts in Mosty

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Type: Historical Location: Mosty, Grodno region

Mosty Crafts Center was opened in 2005. On July 1, 2014, on the basis of the Mostovsky Crafts Center, the State Cultural Institution «Mostovsky District Crafts Center» was established with a branch in the agricultural town of Gudevichi. Today, the center has paid courses for children and adults in weaving, straw weaving, basket weaving, ceramics, crochet and knitting and needlework. The craftsmen of the Mostovo Center of Crafts take an active part in the life of the district and the city, work with the young generation, participate in republican, regional and district events (holidays, exhibitions, fairs, etc.), engage in ethnographic collecting work, design activities, and also conduct master classes in various types of crafts.

For the preservation, restoration and continuity of folk culture, exhibition activity is of great importance, which is fruitfully developing today. Noteworthy is the activity of the exhibition hall of the handicraft center, where exhibitions are held on various types of decorative and applied art by the masters of not only the center, but also personal exhibitions of masters from the second regions.
Both adults and children love exhibitions, because they represent a bright event in the life of the institution and allow you to see not only traditional crafts, but also modern types of decorative and applied arts! At the exhibition you can see and purchase souvenirs, straw products, wood products, vines and ceramics, and much more.

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    Address 231600, Belarus, Grodno region, Mosty, Sovetskaya street, 50 GPS Google: 53.407723′ N, 53.407723′ E