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Museum The centеr of crafts in Mosty

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Type: Historical Location: Mosty, Grodno region
Masty crafts center was opened in 2005 and since then is a permanent member of local, regional, national exhibitions, fairs and festivals. It works creative workshop on modeling and club clothes folk artists "Renaissance" At the center of Mosty crafts. Regular excursions became open sessions, meetings with folk artists district, evening-portraits with cultural figures.

A feature of the activities of the center of Mosty Crafts is research. As a result of ethnographic expeditions card index was compiled of folk artists district, piggy Center supplemented by ethnographic exhibits, as well as samples of Masty system.

Once in the Crafts Center, you can visit the museum room, take part in workshops, meet with the talented craftsmen, buy an original gift from Masty region.

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    Address 231600, Belarus, Grodno region, Mosty, Sovetskaya street, 50 GPS Google: 53.407723′ N, 53.407723′ E