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Ivenets museum of traditional culture

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Type: Complex The exhibition: 12 Location: Ivenets, Minsk region

Ivenets Museum of traditional culture is the successor to open September 11, 1957 Memorial Museum Dzerzhinsky. Placed in a two-story building built in the 30s of the twentieth century. In 1977 the reconstruction. January 23, 2006 the museum was renamed after Dzerzhinsky in a public institution "Ivenets museum of traditional culture." Museum collection includes 18,505 museum objects, including the general fund - 12746, research - support - 5759.V museum has rare photographs, documents, books, objects of XIX - early. XX centuries Tells about the life and culture of the inhabitants of the town and its environs Ivianiec. Of interest are the materials of Count Tyschkevich, Constantine Poplavsky, kazimir and Lucia Dzerzhinsky, folk musicians and local teachers.

In 1998 he founded the Crafts Center, where there are shops Weaving, pottery, blacksmith, Workshop on art processing Wood Tavern museum site. On the base of crafts shops which are located in the manor and park complex (monument eclectic architecture of the early twentieth century.) Holds Holiday Contest "Clay Bells", animated performances, open-air "heat of the sun the tree," tsukerkavy Festival "IVKON", at the request of a ceremony organized by the revived "The Wedding".

Photo - Ivenets museum of traditional culture

    Exposure - Ivenets museum of traditional culture

    1. Photo collection dedicated to the life and work of the F.E. Dzerzhinsky. Also, the materials on Ivenets Battalion Border Guard.
    2. Documents the collection includes 2003 exhibits. Presented papers on the life and work of Felix Dzerzhinsky late XIX-early XX centuries., Paper factories, factory owners and K. Dombrowski F. Lotysh, local artisans, the patent for resolution of the opening of the forge in 1949, the awards of the museum.
    3. Рrinted publications collection includes 1598 exhibits, books about the life and works written by Felix Dzerzhinsky, textbooks 50-60s. XX century.
    4. Аrcheology the collection includes 174 exhibit. Presents fragments of ceramic and glassware late XIX-early XX centuries., toys-whistles end of the XIX century.
    5. Numismatics, bonistics the collection Russian state bank credit tickets early XX century., coins of XIX century. and 20-30-ies. XX century., settlement tickets of Poland (1929-1936).
    6. |Painting collection consists of 48 pieces. paintings by G.F. Brzhzovsky, V.F. Sumarev (70s of XX century.).
    7. Grafіka presented engravings by P. Drachev, Y.Kukharev
    8. Sculpture collection consists of 60 pieces. Presented by an unknown author of "Ancient Rome Warriors", "Devil" of the early XX century.
    9. Arts and crafts the collection includes 342 exhibits. Рanels are made ​​woodcarver A.F. Pupko. embroidery, etc.
    10. Ethnography collection consists of 4128 pieces. The clothes, tools, pottery, household appliances, weaving products.
    11. Photo The collection includes photos of famous and well-known people: K. Poplavskiy composer,horeographer I.V. Leszchynski, musicians S. Lipnitskaya, Lembovich, folk artists and craftsmen.
    12. ”Ceramics. Tradition and Modernity ” are layers pitchers dvoychatki, markets, jugs, bowls, etc.. Traditional jar, decorated with "flyandrovkay" - the visit card of Ivenets.

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    Address 222370, Republic of Belarus, Minsk region, Volozhin district, Ivenets, Museum str., 2 GPS Google: 53.888459′ N, 53.888459′ E