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Vitebsk Museum of international soldiers

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Type: Military and Historical The exhibition: 4 Location: Vitebsk, Vitebsk region

Vitebsk Museum of international soldiers was created by a decision of the Vitebsk City Council from 17.12.1992 In February 1996, the museum was opened to the public. At the root of the museum were the club "Red jib" under the direction of G. Kharkevich search group and school number 25 under the guidance of Anzel L.A. The author of the artistic concept and preliminary design of the museum was Chernyak Yu. Scientific developed the concept of the museum Chkalov V.B., Vidus E.V., Mozhaytsev I.H. (officer of the 103rd Guards Airborne Division, the first director of the museum.)

Display area halls of the museum is 136 sq.m. The total number of museum objects is 15,947, of which the main fund 8228, research and support 7719. The museum includes three halls. The first room is dedicated to culture, life and traditions of the people of Afghanistan, talks about the history of Afghanistan, the reasons for the entry of Soviet troops into the country, the first victims of an undeclared war. The second room is dedicated to the Vitebsk 103 Guards Airborne Division and 339 military transport aviation regiment that took part in the fighting in the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan. Also, a second room and tells about other parts of the limited contingent of Soviet troops stationed in Afghanistan. The third hall - the memorial, there are pictures, personal belongings, documents, awards lost and died from wounds and disease natives of Vitebsk. The museum exhibits a rich military history, trophies, objects of Afghan culture.

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    Exposure - Vitebsk Museum of international soldiers

    1. weapons, equipment military weapons of the Soviet troops, equipment, applied to perform military operations in Afghanistan
    2. documents on the war in Afghanistan in 1979 - 1989. personal belongings of soldiers in Afghanistan Vitebsk region
    3. photos of dead and dying from wounds and disease warriors in Afghanistan, the natives of Vitebsk focuses on local wars and military conflicts in the territory of other states and their consequences.
    4. collection is dedicated to the valiant soldiers of the Soviet-Afghanistan war veterans presented awards, medals and badges, awards of Soviet soldiers participating in the Afghanistan War (1979 - 1989)

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    Address 210032, Republic of Belarus, Vitebsk,. Warriors-Internationalists str, 20 GPS Google: 55.165044′ N, 55.165044′ E