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Literary Museum of Maksim Bagdanovich

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Type: Literary The exhibition: 4 Location: Minsk, Minsk region

State Institution "Literary Museum M.Bogdanovich" - the center of the collection, preservation, study, presentation, promotion of the creative heritage of the classic of Belarusian literature Adamovich Maxim Bogdanovich (1891 - 1917). The decision to create the Museum of Literature M.Bogdanovich in Minsk was taken at a meeting of the Bureau of the Central Committee of the PBC, September 19, 1980 The museum was founded to address the Minsk City Executive Committee number 283 of 23.07.1981, the exhibition was open to the public December 8, 1991 for the 100th anniversary of M.Bogdanovich birthday. The museum is housed in the Trinity suburb, in a building which is a monument of urban architecture of the nineteenth century. To date, literary museum dismantled to create a new one. In the museum's exhibition hall, which hosts exhibitions and museum events. In the PI "Literary Museum M.Bogdanovich" has two branches: "Belarusian hut", "Farmstead Rakutevschina."

The museum is located in the 5 museum buildings: 1 - Literary Museum M.Bogdanovich, 1 - branch "Belarusian hut", 3 - branch "Farmstead Rakutevschina." Overall demonstration area of ​​exhibition halls of the Literary Museum M.Bogdanovich - 140.1 square meters. The Museum has one exhibition hall, with an area - 69.9 square meters. m Display area halls branch "Belarusian hut" - 92.1 square meters, "Farmstead Rakutevschina" - 210.1 square meters. On March 1, 2013 in the collections of the Literary Museum M.Bogdanovich is 17403 units of storage of museum objects, including basic items 12112 and 5291 items of scientific and auxiliary funds.

The branch "Belarusian hut" was opened in 1991 exhibition took place in the house, which has a lot of value for the history of the national culture. It was in this house, from October 1916 to February 1917, he lived Belarusian literary genius M.Bogdanovich. There is an exposition, designed in the style of "modern", which is a kind of organic continuation of one of the sections of the main literary museum M.Bogdanovich (theme poet's return to his homeland). This is an independent exhibition, which gives details on Minsk in life and work of the poet, the national literary and social movement in Minsk during the 1st World War. Fully restored memorial room of Maxim Bogdanovich, in part - the room Zm.Beduli Belarusian writer and his sisters. One of the most interesting exhibits "Belarusian hut" is an ancient puppet theater Batleika, which, in conjunction with all the exposure creates an organic synthesis of the museum and the theater. The total exhibition area of ​​92.1 square meters. m branch located at Minsk, ul. Rabkorovskaya 19. Today the museum is closed for repairs. Is the recovery of exposure.

The branch "Farmstead Rakutevschina" - a branch of the museum M.Bogdanovich which is a monument of culture of Belarus. Opened in 1994 (works today). It was here, in the estate Lyczkowskis' Files, the summer of 1911 was visiting a classic of Belarusian literature Maxim Bogdanovich. "Stranіtsa Lepsha ¢ shtodzennіku zhytstsya" - so named poet during this time. Creative finds - two cycles of poems: "The old Belarus", "Places" and two poems, "Veranіka" and "At vestsy." The total exhibition area - 210.1 square meters. m "Farmstead Rakutevschina" includes the estate Lyczkowskis' Files (House tenant, house owner, barn), the area round the estate, the source of Maxim. Every year there is a holiday of poetry and song "Rakutevskoe summer", which is dedicated to the memory M.Bogdanovich. The branch is located at: Minsk region, Molodechnensky district, etc. Rakutevschina.

The research activities of the museum through research the life and works of Maxim Bogdanovich, the organization of scientific conferences (1 every 2 years), the preparation and publication of collections of reports of scientific conferences, museum notebooks. Conducted research in the archives. Organized round tables, museum reading. Organized the publication of collections of scientific publications, participated in the creation of books on the life and works of Maxim Bogdanovich. Research staff conducted regular media work for the popularization of the classic.

Of cultural events at the museum throughout the year in schools, high schools and colleges held: lecture on "life and works of Maxim Bogdanovich's" - with the help of an electronic presentation tells about the life and work of M.Bogdanovich; lecture", "Crown "M.Bogdanovich"- tells about one's lifetime collection of poems of the poet lecture" Madonna in the works M.Bogdanovich "- A story about women who influenced the work of the poet, Lecture" In the magical kingdom of Maxim Bogdanovich's"- the story of the life and work in an exciting form M.Bogdanovich . Reveals the mythological theme. In the museum there is a souvenir: the literary and artistic publication "Maxim Bogdanovich", the complete works in three volumes; booklet "Literary Museum M.Bogdanovich" in Belarusian, Russian and English languages, the booklet "Belarusian hut" leaflet "Farmstead Rakutevschina" , card "Maxim Bogdanovich", a pocket calendar.

Photo - Literary Museum of Maksim Bagdanovich

    Exposure - Literary Museum of Maksim Bagdanovich

    1. collections the largest collection - this is the book, of which only five copies of lifetime collection of poems M.Bogdanovich "Crown" with his autograph book reading circle of the poet, the literature on his life and work, books Belarusian poets and prose writers of the late XIX - XX century works Maxim's followers creativity, translation, initiation. Form an important collection of manuscripts. Here are a collection of poems handwritten M.Bogdanovich "green" (the name of poetry, cycles and books are in the original language), autographs of poems, "I am reminded of an old house ..." and "I nyaduzhny, byazskrydly poet ...", as well as memories of the poet by his contemporaries AE Bogdanovich Z.Veras, D.Debolskogo, and manuscripts of relatives and friends, people from the environment of the poet: VG Korolenko, EP Peshkova A.Smolicha; autographs Belarusian culture and art - Z.Byaduli, A.Pavlovicha, K.Krapiva, M. Tank, M.Luzhanina, Alexander Bogatyrev, M.Aladova, Yu.Semenyako and others.
    2. collection personal documents presented Bogdanovic family and their relatives, as well as documents of the socio-cultural life of Belarus-related issues to perpetuate the memory of the poet.
    3. audiovisual section monuments collected about 6,000 photographs and negatives, including all known photos of Maxim, photos of his family, friends, friends, people, environment M.Bogdanovich, researchers of his work, photographs of places associated with the life and name of the poet, photographs and negatives photographed events that perpetuate the memory of the poet. Are stored in the collections of three movies about Maxim Bogdanovich, video tapes, records, CDs, and write poems, songs and music to the words of M. Bogdanovich, tape recordings of celebrations and memories of the poet.
    4. works of art image of Maxim and his work inspired many artists to create works of art. The museum keeps 72 paintings, 19 sculptures, 309 graphic works. More than 1,000 items of ethnography and life, furniture, weaving, clothes allow you to create displays and exhibitions that convey the living conditions late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

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    Address 220029, Republic of Belarus, Minsk, M.Bogdanovich str., 7a GPS Google: 53.908095′ N, 53.908095′ E