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Museum Art gallery named L.N. Drobov

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Type: Art The exhibition: 6 Location: Oktyabrski, Gomel region

The idea of creating the Art Gallery named after L.N. Drobov belongs to the leadership of the district and the artist-countryman Leonid Nikanorovich  Drobov whose name is now. Gallery dug its doors to its first visitors in November 1990 in a former pharmacy. Demonstrative area halls is 127 m2 and consists of 482 museum objects, of which 357 are the main fund and 125 - Scientific subsidiary. In the museum are cultural events, including lecture-concert on the red calendar date, which includes a concert with live music, folk instruments and drawing competition program for children. In the museum there is a souvenir, made with his own hands.

Photo - Art gallery named L.N. Drobov

    Exposure - Art gallery named L.N. Drobov

    1. objective interior includes dolls and personal memorabilia Drobov Leonid Nikonorovich.
    2. writing books are copyright of artists and collections of folk art "Bereginya".
    3. painting landscapes, still lifes, portraits, pictures.
    4. graphics paintings in graphics performance Leshkevich.
    5. sculpture includes sculpture of small forms.
    6. photos includes photos in the wake of the Festival of Folk Art "Bereginya".

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    Location map - Art gallery named L.N. Drobov

    Address 247319, Republic of Belarus, Gomel region, town October, Frunze str., 9 GPS Google: 52.635199′ N, 52.635199′ E