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Museum Picture gallery of G.H. Vashenko

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Type: Art The exhibition: 3 Location: Gomel, Gomel region

Аrt gallery named after G.H. Vashenko was opened in 5th of February 2002 in gratitude for the gift of the People's painter of the Republic of Belarus Gavriil Vashenko collection of 50 of his works, which became the foundation stock gallery. The artist's wife, Matilda Vashenko, gave the city a collection that includes 70 works of contemporary Belarusian artists, friends and students Gavriil. Currently, the collection is constantly updated gallery exhibiting the works of artists and has about 400 exhibits.
The fund has a gallery of Belarusian artists such as Z. Litvinova, L. Shchemelev, V. Tolstik, A. Kishchenko, V. Shkarubo, L. Hobotov, V. Savinov, S. Timokhov, A. Ksendzov, R. Landarsky, N. Kazakevich etc.

Demonstration halls of the gallery space: 686 m2. Has one permanent exhibition and temporary traveling exhibition (about 30 exhibitions in year). The total number of museum objects is 661, of which the main fund 398, 263 auxiliary science.

The gallery hosts a variety of cultural events: lectures, museum studies, museum holidays. Many attended the opening ceremony of exhibitions are accompanied by live music and creative rooms. According to preliminary applications parlor meetings are held (lectures and discussions with multimedia equipment.) On Sundays the children's gallery at Fine Arts Studio for children from 5 to 10 years.

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    Exposure - Picture gallery of G.H. Vashenko

    1. ”Gavriil Vashenko” collection of works by the People's painter of Belarus Gavriil Vashenko (painting, drawing, portrait, still life, landscape, pictures, sketches, monumental works) covers the artist's work from 1950 to 2007.
    2. ”Modern Belarusian painters” includes works by Belarusian painters since the 1950s.
    3. Exhibition Hall of the State ”Art Gallery of G.H. Vashenko” Located on Lenin srteet,43. The total floor area of over 400 m2. The complex consists of three main sections: the exhibition hall, art gallery, shop for art supplies. Today the hall is one of the most technologically advanced exhibition centers in the country. Mobile display construction allow you to change the configuration of the hall for various events. The modern system of hanging paintings, showcases illuminated with multi-tiered, color halls focuses visitors on the works of art. Art Salon equipped with wall-mounted screens for ease of installation art.

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    Address 246017, Republic of Belarus, Gomel, Karpovich str., 4 GPS Google: 52.430867′ N, 52.430867′ E