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Polotsk Children Museum

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Type: Art Location: Polotsk, Vitebsk region

Children's Museum is part of the National Polotsk Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve. The exposition of the museum housed in a building is a monument of architecture of the late XIX - early. XX centuries. The museum was opened May 28, 2004 Ekspozitsionnaya area of ​​the museum - 132 m2.Ideya create the Children's Museum belongs Dzhumantaevu Tamara. Author artistic conception of the Children's Museum - designer Sergei Kletsov.V exhibition features 8 Collection (637 items) from the museum collection NPIKMZ. Two exhibition hall of the museum gives visitors the opportunity to get acquainted with a variety of items: clocks, bells podduzhnyh, cameras, samovars, and others, to know the history of their inventions and improvements to realize that people are inherently creator, the creator, not the destroyer. The museum has a special showcase for removable children's collection, the theme of which - "The world of my hobbies." In the computer room, the Children's Museum you can play games, developing logical thinking, memory, attention, imagination.

A signature of the museum's steel sculpture of Paul Wynn "Scholar" (2004) and "Girl with a sundial" (2005)

The museum hosts temporary exhibitions which are open to all, regardless of age.

Exhibition "What toy recall". Collection of toys the second half of the XX century, from the museum of the National Assembly of Polotsk Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve. The earliest toys have been around since prehistoric times. It was the stone, clay, and later, and metal figurines that had religious significance. A large number of iconic dolls have been found in the ancient Greece and Rome. At that time there were already puppets. In the XVI century the craft appeared on the doll-making to order. Their prices were very high. At the same time, in France there are cheap toys, but the production is artisanal. And only in the XIX century created "The Syndicate of French manufacturers of toys." From that time begins to develop an entire "Doll" industry. From all kinds of toys, stuffed toy - the late. It appeared in the XIX century. At the end of XIX century, many factories began to appear soft toys.

Toy Fair "Surprises of chocolate eggs". Collection figures Kinder surprises pupil school № 10 in Polotsk Catherine Podsadnik. This surprise is already 40 years old. Toys from the "Kinder Surprise" appeared in 1972. The idea of ​​creating toys that could fit inside chocolate eggs, Michele was the Italian confectioner Ferrero. Inside each egg is a small container with a toy surprise. Each year, Ferrero produces a series of different figures and toys, constructors, which are placed in the chocolate eggs in frequency. Around the world, children and adults collect action figures from the "Kinder Surprise". In Germany, for example, are not only meeting Comments collectors figurines Kinder surprises, but the so-called Exchange "Kinder Surprise", where you can exchange or buy the missing figures.

Exhibition "Mouse Trouble". Originality of this exhibition is that collecting figurines of mice involved the whole family: Beavers Galina, her children, Anton and Anna. By the way, Anton and Anna were born in the year of floors is perhaps why in 2002 they began to collect such unusual collection. If you look closely, you will notice that the figures are different and the materials from which made, and character. Most of the figures made of clay, some - of glass, there are figurines of salt dough.

Exhibition souvenir turtles "slow and steady wins - will continue". Souvenir of the bug collection Pavlyushin Tatiana Vladimirovna (Novopolotsk). Quite clearly established and scientifically confirmed that some individuals have lived a turtle and a half, if not more than a century. The external appearance of the turtles have not changed much over, at least two hundred million years. In other words, these animals - witness the time of the earliest dinosaurs. Over the many years of its existence tortoise won the love and attention of the people: it became a symbol of wisdom and longevity, heavenly support and protection, as well as the image of the universe.

Exhibition author Toys "Dolls, mice, bears and others". It is believed that the first art doll was "Petite Danseuse" ("Little Dancer"), made by Edgar Degas in 1881. Author's work - is unrivaled features an image that is embedded in a deep sense, based on the Creator wizard. Typically, these dolls are made in a single copy, the so-called one-of-a-kind, exclusive, sometimes limited edition. Destination collectible doll made in her name in the first place, it is a collectible. But in recent years began to be used and its other name - "Interiors". And, indeed, art doll can decorate any space, to bring comfort and harmony in the living room or office. Dolls can become an original, sophisticated gift.

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    Address 211400, Republic of Belarus, Vitebsk., Polotsk, st. Lower-Intercession, 46 GPS Google: 55.483857′ N, 55.483857′ E