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Polotsk Museum of Military Glory

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Type: Military and Historical The exhibition: 1 Location: Polotsk, Vitebsk region

Museum of military glory as a department of the Polotsk museum, established in 1971 at the initiative of senior scientist Olga Ivanovna Tretiakova. A large contribution to the collection of artifacts and create displays made Researcher Vasily A. Kupriyanov.V 1985 reconstruction of the museum building and carried out re-exposition. May 7, 1985 the museum was re-opened to visitors. Since 2001, the museum was transformed into a branch of the National Polotsk Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve (NPIKMZ)). Head of the branch - Polyakov Sergey Ilyich. The museum exhibition includes 486 items and 618 items of basic scientific auxiliary funds. Exhibition area - 304 m2. Complexes light exposure in detail the history and combat activities Polotsk fortified area, the defense of Polotsk (27 June - 16 July 1941), the life of the city during the occupation period (July 1941 - July 1944 period), the activities of the underground organizations and the guerrilla movement in Polotsk, participation zhieley Polotsk in the most significant battles of the Great Patriotic War, the liberation of Polotsk (Polotsk Offensive 28 June - 4 July 1944). Museum staff is doing a great search engine and research work. Museum initiated the establishment of the surroundings of Polotsk (m Gomel) memorial complex "field the glory."

Note: in the summer (from c 1 June to 31 August), the museum is open from 10.00 to 18.00 every day except Monday.

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    Exposure - Polotsk Museum of Military Glory

    1. materials about the inhabitants of Polotsk - Heroes of the Soviet Union documents, photographs and personal belongings of participants defense and liberation of Polotsk, the underground and guerrilla Lepel-Polotsk guerrilla zones, items combat equipment bunkers Polotsk fortified area, military weapons of the Soviet and foreign production.

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    Address 211400, Republic of Belarus, Vitebsk, Polotsk, st. Tusnolobova-Marchenko, 1 GPS Google: 55.480866′ N, 55.480866′ E