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Museum Polotsk Art Gallery

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Type: Art The exhibition: 2 Location: Polotsk, Vitebsk region

Art Gallery is located in one of the buildings of the former Jesuit College, a monument of architecture of XVIII century. The total area of the museum is 900 m2. The exhibition Gallery presents a collection of religious crafts XII-XIX centuries, Iconography XVIII-XX centuries, Secular portrait painting of the XVIII century, Arts Belarus twentieth century. Art Gallery has two exhibition halls to display changing exhibitions and art salons. Polotsk Municipal Art Gallery was opened February 20, 1981 as a branch of Local History Museum.. In 1985 she joined the National Polotsk Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve (NPIKMZ). From 1981 to 1991 Art Gallery housed in the building of the Epiphany Cathedral, a monument of architecture of XVIII century which was formerly the Cathedral of the Epiphany Monastery founded in the XVI century. In 1992 in connection with the transfer of a building of the Epiphany Cathedral of the Diocese of Polotsk, the activity continued Art Gallery in the Museum of the Belarusian printing. Since 2002 the Art Gallery, a branch of the National Polotsk Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve (NPIKMZ), is located in one of the buildings of the former Jesuit College, opened in 1581 on the instructions of King of Poland Stefan Batory. After the 1784 construction of the new buildings of the collegium headed Gabriel Gruber - known in Europe architect, mathematician, physicist, astronomer, theologian. According to the project in 1788 was a three-story building built specifically for the museum. Among the collection of historical and natural science plans, the museum was a picture gallery, the collection that have been painting of Salvator Rosa Verona, Warsaw painter Shimon Chekhovich, Ignatius of Dorati, Augustine Nedvetskogo, Malachowski and others, copies Towel Raphael, Titian and Rubens. The walls were decorated with frescoes Gallery made by the city of Gruber.

Currently, the Art Gallery site: permanent exhibition, a few caught for changing exhibitions and art galleries. Collections are constantly replenished as conducting archaeological excavations in the city, the disclosure of one of the murals of the ancient temple of Belarus the Transfiguration Church of the XII century, Study and research of the past Polotsk region, acquiring works by Belarusian artists. In the Gallery Art Salon is available in its collection works by Belarusian artists of different directions: from realism to abstraction. Your attention are: painting, drawing, watercolor, batik, tapestry, sculpture, ceramics. In forming the collection of salon considered a high artistic level of the Works and financial capabilities of our customers.

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    1. ”Murals XII-XIX centuries, the Church of the Transfiguration of the XII century Euphrosyne of Polotsk Holy Monastery” introduces the development of art in Belarus. Section "of the XX century Art of Belarus" in chronological order, from 1935, traces the stages of development of the Belarusian art and introduces meaningful names of artists.
    2. ikonopisi the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries includes six icons of the XVIII century the local school of icon painting from the iconostasis of St. Sophia Cathedral. In addition to the icons includes domestic ritual objects, a collection of iconic copper casting of the XIX century and the subjects of archeology XII century.

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    Address 211400, Republic of Belarus, Vitebsk region, Polotsk, st. Streleckaya, 4A-4 GPS Google: 55.486301′ N, 55.486301′ E