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Museum of militsia history of Kletchina

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Type: Departmental The exhibition: 5 Location: Kletsk, Minsk region

Museum of police in Kletsk created in 2010 by the staff of the Museum of stories in the building of Kletsk police department. The museum houses a rich history and the current state of the local police. Among the exhibits are of greatest interest weapons, equipment, counterfeit banknotes, documents and photographs.

Exposure - Museum of militsia history of Kletchina

  1. Documents There are papers on various criminal proceedings, awards, etc.
  2. Photo documents in the collection are photographs related to various crimes, photos of outstanding officers.
  3. Arming the samples of various weapons (firearms armed, etc.).
  4. Сlothing represented by a police uniform different times.
  5. Bonistics On display are counterfeit banknotes of different historical periods.

Schedule Museum of militsia history of Kletchina

Location map - Museum of militsia history of Kletchina

Address 222531, Republic of Belarus, Minsk region, Kletsk, Lenini str., 5 GPS Google: 53.067817′ N, 53.067817′ E