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Museum «Fort № 5»

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Type: Military and Historical The exhibition: 2 Location: Brest region

Museum "Fort № 5" of Brest Fortress was given to the balance of the memorial complex "Brest Fortress" in 1999. May 8, 2000 the grand opening of a branch of the memorial complex - Fort number 5. This event was preceded by extensive research and development work carried out by staff of the memorial. In 1995, the fort was number 5 on the list of historical and cultural heritage of the Republic of Belarus 2 categories. In April 1997 at a meeting in Brest Regional Executive Committee first discussed the preparation of the fort number 5 for the services, at the same time approved the list of activities for the arrangement of the fort. The grounds and buildings were cleared of debris, installation of doors and windows, the roof is covered with waterproofing barracks, renovated ventilation system, built a bridge through the channel of the fort. In the fort planned to create a museum of the history of fortifications and weapons. In 2001, the creation of the exhibition in the fort was awarded a grant from the Fund of the President of the Republic of Belarus, who were paid for art concept , conceptual design and layout of the exhibition of the future museum. Subject and compiled and exhibition plan future exposure is actively searching for and collecting artifacts. Repeatedly in the fort were 5 different events: the military- patriotic action "Western outpost of the Fatherland", military- patriotic play "Summer Lightning", "Shield of the Fatherland", gatherings airsoft clubs, Days of tourism for the residents and visitors of the city of Brest.

The research work carried out in the museum aims to improve the study of the history of fortification on the western border of Russia and the development of weapons of serfdom in the late XIX - early XX centuries, history of the construction and modernization of the Brest-Litovsk fortress in the XIX - XX centuries, Stories fortifications fortress in Poland during the years 1921-1939, construction and combat 62nd Brest fortified area of the heroic defense of the Brest fortress in June and July of 1941, history of the fortress during the Nazi occupation, the themes of liberation of Brest in July 1944 work on identifying, testing, characterization of fortification facilities Brest fortress and 62 th of Brest fortified area to take their registration, protection and inclusion in the list of historical and cultural heritage. Museum staff studied the history of the fortress of arms, garrison, its size, structure, equipment and uniform of soldiers and officers. In addition, they collect the memories of local residents about the serfs objects are scientific passport of their historical and cultural value of the immovable. And measure objects and photographing them. A detailed inventory of all the objects preserved fortifications of Brest Fortress, created a detailed map of fortification facilities, including drawing on it of those who are now in the territory of Poland.

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    Exposure - Museum «Fort № 5»

    1. open space weapons exhibited 9 Soviet artillery during World War II and the Soviet BTR-60 1960. These exhibits were transferred to the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus.
    2. ”Western outpost of the Fatherland” temporary exhibition. Еxhibits tell the history of the construction of the forts and the fate of the Brest fortress troops Brest-Litovsk fortress garrison late XIX - early XX centuries.

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    Address 224018, Republic of Belarus, Brest region, Brest, v. Gershony GPS Google: 52.047608′ N, 52.047608′ E