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House-Museum of 1 Congress of the RSDLP

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Type: Memorial Location: Minsk, Minsk region

House-Museum of 1 Congress of the RSDLP belonged noblewoman Frantisek Rzhetskoy. On the day of «Patron Saint» Olga Rumjantsevoj and world event took place, namely, I Party Congress. Until 1923 the first Congress did not remember at all. This is understandable as all nine of its members were the Social Democrats pro-Western orientation, and not later joined the Bolsheviks. In January 1923 there was a decision on the recognition of the historical value of the house. A March 14, the day of the 25th anniversary of the Congress was open and he House Museum of 1 Congress of the RSDLP. At the grand opening of the museum was present and one of the members of the Congress - Boris Adelman. The whole composition is occupied only one room - the one in which the meeting took place. The rest of the house remained habitable until 1941. Building during the war were destroyed. In 1948 the surviving documents of the house was fully restored and opened on 22 December of the same year. In 1953 in connection with the reconstruction of Leninsky Prospekt and Victory Square House Museum was moved closer to the bank. Svislochi where he is today. In 1954, the situation has been replicated apartment P.V. Rumyantsev, which passed Congress. In Soviet times, here not only led excursions, here took the Pioneers, Komsomol were given tickets were political studies, organized meetings with veterans. In the house I Party Congress have visited almost all the prominent leaders of the international communist and workers' movement, who visited Minsk. In 1995 a new exhibition. In June 2007 the museum was closed for repairs. April 29, 2008 the museum opened its doors for the newly created exposition «History I Party Congress». The exhibition consists of the following topics: «The provincial Minsk in late XIX - early XX century», «The Congress in the people», «gendarme wanted list», «History House Museum I Party Congress». The museum is a branch of the National History Museum of the Republic of Belarus.

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    Address 220005, Republic of Belarus, Minsk, Nezavisimosti Avenue, 31a GPS Google: 53.907827′ N, 53.907827′ E