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Museum-Estate of Ilya Repin «Zdravnevo»

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Type: Memorial Location: Vitebsk region

Museum-estate «Zdravnevo» - a branch of the Vitebsk regional ethnographic museum, founded in 1988 on the site of the former estate, which belonged to I.E. Repin, is located near the village Ruba, 16 kilometers north of Vitebsk and 2 kilometers from the highway «Minsk-St. Petersburg».

These places are on the picturesque bank of the Western Dvina in the vicinity of Vitebsk associated with the name of the great Russian painter Ilya Repin, who acquired the estate in 1892. Improvement «Zdravnevo» artist devoted a lot of time on his drawings was rebuilt the main manor house. Not far from the house to the cemetery of the parish church in the village of Sloboda”s father of Ilya Repin - Yefim was buried . During the 1892-1901 years in Zdravnevo artist created paintings «Belarus», «Moonlight», «Duel», «The sun», etc.

The museum complex consists of the restored main manor house, house manager with office space and showroom, renovated cellar. On display: items from the Repin family items, furniture,  XIX - XX century, Repin watercolors, drawings, icons, written for the Sloboda Church, as well as original photographs, letters, and books. archaeological finds from Zdravnevo etc. The manor remained memorial linden alley, where the trees planted by the hand of the artist.

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    Address 211321, Republic of Belarus, Vitebsk region, town Ruba, PO Box 87 GPS Google: 55.320941′ N, 55.320941′ E