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Museum of mother in Krichev

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Type: Historical The exhibition: 2 Location: Krichev, Mogilev region

Museum mother Krichev created in 2008 at Potemkin's Palace - a monument of architecture of XVIII century. The idea of creation of Museum of mother appeared in 2007, when the reconstruction Potemkin palace. The exposition of the museum has over 300 exhibits depicting the fate of famous natives Krichev district. Opens the exposition section on beginning of family life - marriage. The museum contains material about the period of the Great Patriotic War, women, war veterans, documents, photographs, personal belongings, letters and awards. The exhibition, devoted mothers, combined to place in the halls of the palace museum and the registrar. Before registering the marriage, the newlyweds are invited to visit the Museum of mother.

Exposure - Museum of mother in Krichev

  1. Section devoted to beginning of family life - wedding Here are wedding dresses and jewelry of the nineteenth century, modern clothes, told local traditions of this celebration on Krichev land.
  2. documents of the period of the Great Patriotic War collected material about the period of the Great Patriotic War on women veterans of the war. The life and fate of distinguished women Krichevschiny can be found in the archive of documents, photographs, personal belongings, letters, awards and other documents.

Schedule Museum of mother in Krichev

Location map - Museum of mother in Krichev

Address 213500, Republic of Belarus, Mogilev region, Krichev, Lenin str., 59 GPS Google: 53.687984′ N, 53.687984′ E