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Museum of Labor Glory Belaruskaliy

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Type: Historical The exhibition: 11 Location: Ptych, Minsk region

Museum of Labor Glory «Belaruskaliy», is the historical, cultural, and educational center of the enterprise, city, and district. Its solemn opening was timed to the 60th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War and took place on May 5, 2005. The first museum visitors were war veterans and former employees of Belaruskali, who contributed to the labor history of Belaruskali.

Its area is 130 square meters. Here you can see more than a thousand exhibits characterizing the history, production, economy, social sphere of «Belaruskaliy», as well as objects of material and spiritual culture of historical, scientific, artistic and moral value. The greatness of labor, talent, and the activity of the workers and employees of the enterprise during the creation of a new industrial sector in Belarus has been projected.
Every year, the museum is visited by several thousand people - these are employees of the enterprise, residents of Soligorsk, as well as tourist groups from other cities of Belarus and guests from near and far abroad.

The museum’s premises are functionally divided into two parts:

  1. Hall of Enterprise History
  2. Hall of modernity
Exhibits are placed in 11 main structural sections.

Photo - Museum of Labor Glory Belaruskaliy

    Exposure - Museum of Labor Glory Belaruskaliy

    1. Geology
    2. First builders
    3. Construction of potash plants
    4. Heroic of labor
    5. The 90s
    6. Labor protection and industrial safety
    7. New buildings of the 21st century
    8. Innovators
    9. Veterans of the Great Patriotic War
    10. Social sphere
    11. Sports

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    Address Ptych, Minsk region GPS Google: 52.781913′ N, 52.781913′ E