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Museum Parlor Vladislav Golubok

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Type: Musical The exhibition: 2 Location: Minsk, Minsk region

"Vladislav Golubok Parlor" - the constant exposure of the branch of the "Museum of theatre and music culture of Republic of Belarus". Here are the documents and historical evidence of the life and creative activity of the first People's Artist of the Byelorussian SSR Vladislav Golubok of stock collections of the museum. In the formation of the materials used in the exhibition of Belarusian State Archive-Museum of Literature and Art, State Museum History of the Belarusian literature. In the living room are creative meetings and musical events have become a tradition Club meeting veterans of the scene. In addition to the permanent exhibition dedicated to Vladislav Golubok, the branch operates a showroom, where temporary exhibitions are held.

Vladislav Golubok  (1882-1937) - Belarusian playwright, artist, actor and director. He was born at the station near Baranovichi Forest in the family the railway. His artistic career began in 1906. Created four a dozen plays in the life of the Belarusian people, including melodrama, comedy, farces, vaudeville, the painting "On river Bereza", "Morning", "Fog". In 1920, he founded his own theater, which was called "Troupe Dove." Since 1932, this group became the Third belarusian state  theatre. In 1937 V.Golubok was convicted on charges of nationalism and anti-Soviet propaganda and shot. Exonerated him in 21 years.

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    Exposure - Parlor Vladislav Golubok

    1. Showroom holds temporary exhibitions.
    2. permanent exhibition Costumes are from the theatre Vladislav Golubok , photographs, documents, works of art, theater playbills of the first People's Artist of the BSSR.

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    Address 220030, Republic of Belarus, Minsk, Starovilenskaya str.,14 GPS Google: 53.909045′ N, 53.909045′ E