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Museum Kupalovsky Memorial Park Levki

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Type: Literary Location: Vitebsk region

Branch "Levki" is based according to the decision of the CC CP(b)B and SNK BSSR from 04.08.1945 № 1139-292 "to perpetuate the memory of the People's poet of Belarus, Yanka Kupala". In 1978 he created Kupalovsky Memorial Park "Levki" which is a branch of the State Literary Museum of Yanka Kupala. The structure of the memorial complex includes cottage Kupala, a former office Kopys forest, the lodge driver, hotel, outbuildings, garage, in which the writer is exposed machine "Chevrolet", presented to him by the Government of the Byelorussian SSR in 1939, the monument "Autumn of the Poet" (sculptor is A.Anikeychik), an area of ​​forest area of ​​public festivals. The exhibition consists of two parts. Literary and documentary portion is located in a former office Kopys forest that survived the last war. In this house lived in the summer of 1935 Yanka Kupala in the family gamekeeper, M.I. Szymanski, yet built a cottage. In 1962,  the 80th anniversary of Yanka Kupala there was a memorial plaque. In the 1962-1977 years. Branch worked on a voluntary basis. In 1977 and 1982 exposure significantly upgraded and expanded: the main object of the exposure was renovated cottage Yanka Kupala (memorial zone), erected by government decree for the 30th anniversary of creative activity Pesnyar. In a flame war poet's cottage burned down. Holiday home of the writer was restored in 1981 for the project, and F.E. Romanovsky Anisovichа.

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    Address 211038, Republic of Belarus, Vitebsk region, Orsha district, v. Levki GPS Google: 54.350679′ N, 54.350679′ E