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Branch Kupala Literary Museum «Yahimovschina»

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Type: Literary Location: Minsk region

Branch Kupala Literary Museum «Yahimovschina» is based on the order of 24.01.1997 № 6 director of the State Literary Museum of Yanka Kupala, is open to visitors 30.05.2001. In Yahimovschine going public maturation of the national poet, grew and matured his talent, there were beautiful poems, including «Who goes there?», «This is a cry that lives Belarus ...», «Do not allow to be lost to the poet», «Enemy of Belarus», «Songs Of Trouble»,«Give Me Liberty» and others, which compiled the first collection of poetry Kupala «The Pipe». In 1906-1907 years young poet worked as an assistant distiller at the brewery Yahimovschiny. The ancient buildings of the village, park, water, boulders remember Janka Kupala. This is the only «nest» of the writer, which is not destroyed by time or people. Therefore V.F. Lutsevich - the founder and first director of the State Literary Museum of Yanka Kupala - was so eager to perpetuate the memorial monastery. In 1959 a plaque was installed on the building of the former offices of the brewery Pan Luban and in 1982 there was also a plaque on the building in one of the rooms which was a young poet and which now houses a display of a branch of the museum. The exposition of the branch, the main idea of ​​which - show the birth of national poet Yanka Kupala in the face of a certain era when to start and by the national press when I wake up the Belarusian society when started the revival of the national culture, are three topics: «Yahimovschina». Work at the brewery and the beginning of the poet, «Yanka Kupala and Belarusian legal press», «The Pipe»- are first collection of poems Yanka Kupala. Birth Kupala-poet.

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    Address 222312, Republic of Belarus, Minsk region, Molodechnensky district, village Yahimovschina, Ozernaya st., 2 GPS Google: 54.235538′ N, 54.235538′ E