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Literary Museum of Kuzma Chorny

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Type: Literary Location: Minsk region

Literary Museum of Kuzma Chorny built in 1962. "... My family place. How my heart is torn in there! She is always there. Lived there all my characters. All roads, landscapes, trees, houses, human nature, of which I have ever written.'s All there, really. .. "- Kuzma Chorny wrote about Timkovichi. He considered them his second home. But Nicholas was born Romanovsky of the estate of Bourne Slutsky County, where his parents left Timkovichi rotten to see Mr Edward Vaynilovicha. Timkovichi are one of the oldest settlements Kopyl district, which is 25 kilometers from Nesvizha, and have a rich history. According to legend, a beautiful name comes from the word Timkovichi Timka - famed strongman who once lived here, helped the poor and weak. Timkovichi first mentioned in 1499 in the judicial charter issued by the Grand Duke Alexander Mikhailovich Prince Semyon Olelkovich. Over the years, the owners were Timkovichi Chodkevičiai, Sapieha, Polubinsky, Radziwill. In Timkovichi spent his childhood and youth of the future writer. There he graduated from two-year college, he worked in the department of education and a teacher. Kuzma Chorny was reared among the common people of physical labor for which a piece of bread and a linen shirt for one year were considered a great happiness. With these people he was associated throughout his life and work. Therefore, the people of Belarus remembers and honors his memory of it. This is evidenced by the museum, built in 1962, teachers and students Timkovichskoy High School, under the leadership of former school principal, teacher, school deserved Belorussian Z.I.Ramanenka. At first he was a school, and in 1993 it was granted the status of a state and a new exposition. It is located in five halls and comprehensively reveals the creative person Kuzma Chorny - novelist, essayist, playwright, pamphleteer. Convoy decoration of halls have become figures of the writer that seamlessly blends with the documentary part of the exhibition, helping to reveal the inner emotional world experiences the author. In the museum you can see the personal belongings of the Kuzma Chorny, photos from the family album, his manuscripts and books in different languages and reading the diary, as well as to hear his voice, recorded on magnetic tape. In Timkovichi many places connected with the life of the writer. Kopyl on the street is the well from which Romanovsky took water. And now with bliss can be a delicious drink clean water. In a shady park Radziwill beautiful descent takes you to the river Magee, where Nikolai Romanovsky with Nikolai Hvedarovicham untied the boat and sailed into the thicket streams to fish. Skipevski beautiful forest, where a child's grandfather told and showed Kohl as pines rustle like a bug crawling like a blade of grass to bend a blade of grass. Here is the foundation of the church, where a child and his mother went to Kohl's choir sing. Preserved in Bushylave fontanelle - a favorite place Kuzma Chorny. The museum is a cultural and educational center. It hosts a museum and educational activities within the framework of the program "Be proud of his countryman and know about it", "Our Heritage", "Museum and Children", meetings with writers, shares with MOE staff, traffic police, railway, rector of the Church of St. Nicholas Chudatvortsa, parties, exhibition of Belarusian writers, museum holidays. To popularize the works of Kuzma Chorny for adults and high school students since 1997 when the museum is working studio theater lovers "Sparkle". The participants staged mock stories Kuzma Chorny "My job veal", "Native place", the article "In his native wilds". play "Bazylevich family" story "Nastya". For the children of the kindergarten, elementary and middle school since 2003 theater flanelegrafii "Piggy beauty". Visitors to the museum after the tour may want to look at one of these productions in the video.

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    Address 222310, Republic of Belarus, Minsk., Kopyl district, village Timkovichi GPS Google: 53.072750′ N, 53.072750′ E