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Museum of Obolskiy Komsomol underground

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Type: Military and Historical The exhibition: 4 Location: Vitebsk region

Museum of Obolskiy Komsomol underground is a branch of Shumilino ethnographic museum and is housed in a former manor house manager and a park Y.Y. Amburger. The building is an architectural monument of the first half of the XIX-th century. A museum in Obol, Vitebsk region on October 29, 1965 according to the decision of the Ministry of Culture as the National Museum of Belorussian Komsomol Glory - a branch of the Belarusian State Museum of the Great Patriotic War. The first exhibit opened October 29, 1965 in 1985. made re-exposition, the museum was renamed Museum of Obolskiy Komsomol underground. From 1 January 1990 the museum handed over to the Department of Culture of the Vitebsk Oblast Executive Committee. From 1 April 2002 the museum was reorganized into a branch Shumilinsky History Museum. The museum Obol Komsomol underground included in the regional tourist route. The total area of ​​the museum is 194 sq.m. It has 4 exhibition halls. Permament exhibition area - 106 sq.m. The exhibition is dedicated to the Obol Komsomol underground during World War II. The museum has collected more than 1200 exhibits of general fund and 750 is scientific support. Among the exhibits - documents, photographs, personal belongings heroes Komsomol work of art.

Photo - Museum of Obolskiy Komsomol underground

    Exposure - Museum of Obolskiy Komsomol underground

    1. ”School and youthful years of participants Obolsky underground”
    2. ”The development of the partisan movement in the area Sirotinskii”
    3. ”Creating and combat the activities of participants of Oboskyl underground”
    4. ”Perpetuation. Memory”

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    Location map - Museum of Obolskiy Komsomol underground

    Address 211266, Republic of Belarus, Vitebsk region, Shumilinskiy district, township Obol, st. Shkolnaya, 1 GPS Google: 55.352013′ N, 55.352013′ E