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Museum Saved artistic value

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Type: Art Location: Brest, Brest region

Museum ”Saved artistic value” - is one of the four branches of the Brest Regional ethnographic museum. Opening Feb. 4, 1989. It is housed in a beautiful building farmsteads, which was built in 1925 - 1927 years. designed by Polish architect Yu.Lisetskogo and is now a landmark building. It is the only museum in Belarus, the exposure of which consists of works of art and antiquities seized by the customs of their illegal attempt to export abroad. In the halls of the ten permanent exhibition features more than 300 exhibits. The most extensive and valuable part of the museum's collection - Russian iconography XVI - early XX century. The most ancient icons in the exhibition date from the XVI century. Among them - "Christ in Majesty", "Our Lady of Vladimir," "The Annunciation". Jewelry art is represented by products of world famous Faberge and other jewelry companies in Russia, the Caucasus silver belts and daggers. The museum has a small but diverse collection of porcelain production of the famous European factories. In numerous exhibitions display works of Belarusian and foreign art, creative works of students of art schools and studios Brest, held solo exhibitions of artists Brest.

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    Address 224030, Republic of Belarus, Brest, Lenin str., 39 GPS Google: 52.086696′ N, 52.086696′ E